Photos: [130527] MBLAQ teases for their upcoming comeback!

Finally it’s time for #COMEBLAQ!

Last Sunday, May 27, @jtune_official tweeted the first official teaser for MBLAQ’s upcoming 5th mini-album entitled <SEXY BEAT> release:


Smoky Girl is the first single off the album and is said to have been written by Supreme Team’s Simon D, VV:D’s Zion.T and Crush, and Primary, who are all part of Amoeba Culture, a K-hiphop label which describes itself as an “interesting mix of artists with unique sounds, delivering a new kind of rich and innovative sound.” I guess it’s safe to say that is the kind of music we can expect Smoky Girl to be!  In a press release, the song is actually described as “moderate-sensuous electronic sounding alongside a combination of chic, unique, and sexy concept.” What do you think of this upcoming concept for MBLAQ?

smoky girl

Image source

This second teaser image of Thunder was also released today on J.Tune’s me2day account:

Untitled picture


Woot! Still rocking the pink hair!

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