Photos: [130609] Prince Thunder + MBLAQ at Dream Team 2 Recording!

Okay, it’s a personal comment but for some reason, Thunder and Jeon Song Lee (the gymnast) has this really cute… aura together. Maybe because Jeon Song Lee is similar to Thunder’s ideal girl type, well he has a thing for rhythmic gymnasts. LMFAO I will leave this bit to your imagination~

üÁ¶71 üÁ¶28 üÁ¶47 üÁ¶38

üÁ¶27 üÁ¶83

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More under the cut!

üÁ¶54 üÁ¶48 üÁ¶76 üÁ¶15 üÁ¶67 üÁ¶08 üÁ¶06 üÁ¶85 üÁ¶12 üÁ¶20 üÁ¶80 üÁ¶35 üÁ¶84 üÁ¶05 üÁ¶16 üÁ¶78 üÁ¶34 üÁ¶81 üÁ¶86 üÁ¶82 üÁ¶77 üÁ¶87

Source: naverblog
Re-uploaded by: kamepichan@OhThunder

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