Video/Translation: [CUT] 130610 – Thunder Talks About Dara on ‘Beatles Code 2’

MC: What’s the age difference between you and your sister?
Thunder: 6 years.
MC: Do you meet your sister regularly?
Thunder: Yeah, we live together in the same house now.
MC: You live together with 2NE1?! Wow I’m jealous. (They are just kidding by the way!)
MC: Do you think your sister is pretty?
Thunder: At home, I don’t say things like “Wow, she’s pretty.” But when she is with other singers onstage…
MC: So you are saying she’s not really pretty at home but compared to other singers she’s prettier (other singers are ugly)?!
Thunder: No, I don’t mean that!
MC: So you are saying when your sister is compared to singers like SNSD, SNSD is not as pretty?
Thunder: No I don’t mean that. I mean when she is with other singers who are pretty, she becomes pretty too.

Translated by: jimin191@youtube + thunder mblaq

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