Photos: [FANTAKEN] 130629 – Playful Thunder Steals Seungho’s Food + MBLAQ at Incheon Fan-Sign Event!

kkkk~~~ Thunder’s so cute stealing food from Yang leader and of course, Yang Leader gives him a glare (this is food we’re talking about) but he loves Thunder so he lets him XD kkk

BN7P99TCUAEuyBn 785794397 BN8BtFVCEAA4t2d BN8XejqCcAAimt8

More under the cut!

BN7-vv7CUAABVp7 BN7xsC3CYAAK8TU Screenshot_2013-06-30-00-42-25 Screenshot_2013-06-30-00-36-11 Screenshot_2013-06-30-00-34-57 785804644 r600x600 785826452 BN7gLRFCMAATzFi BN7orZCCQAAj01b BN7dumFCQAA_rsZ 785825129 785825458

Source: mblaq1017,bblovehyp, specialhappiness, thatsright, charanda82, towu

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