HQ Scans/Interview: [130705] MBLAQ on KBS’ Kwave Magazine – “Mature & Restrained Sex Appeal”


Editor | Jeon Hee-jin
Photographer | Shin Ki-Hwan (By Studio Mani)


MBLAQ comes back with a sexy concept

A year and half ago, MBLAQ was struggling with a friend who was between love and friendship (Song “This is War). Now they have come back and released a new album. They have been upgraded (improved their sound) by adding maturity to their tough yet soft demeanor in an effort to stimulate women’s basic instinct.

Who could resist five sexy guys with sweet voices and dance moves that comfort a vulnerable smoky girl? Let’s meet these guys who have been hardened with sexy beats.


Interview: “How do you feel about your new style, a stlye that has more charming dances moves and a restrained sex appeal with your album Sexy Beat?”

Seungho: “Every album we make begins by us discussing thousands of ideas about was we should do and what we want from the composers, lyricists and our colleages. We are particularly satisfied with this album; it is full of new ideas and has become a turning point for MBLAQ. Our next concern, is of course, what we should do next.”

Interviewer: “The rhythyms, melodies and feelings in this album are certainly different from earlier MBLAQ music. What was the reason you decided to try a new genre, the neo-soul genre?”

G.O: “It’s not an exaggeration to say that this album started with the title song, ‘Smoky Girl.’ In this song, split beats are combined into one melody, it was created with members of the Ameoba famile, like Primary, Zio.T and Simon D. they helped me with this album since I helped with Primary’s regular album last year. Once ‘Smoky Girl’ was chosen as the title song, the other songs followed with lightning speed.”

Interviewer: “What is the theme behind the ‘Smoky Girl’ Dance?”

Lee Joon: “Of course, it is a restrained sexy style. The feeling is smoother rather than something that is sharp and violent and we dance along to the soft and simple melody. MC Park Gyung-rim called our dances the ‘Golf Dance,’ meaning a ‘professional golban (pelvis) dance.’ The choreography focuses on pelvic moves just like the nickname indicates.”

Interviewer: “Your see-through outfits are very shocking. See-through outfits on men are sexier than I expected. How did you feel when you first put it on, were you embarrassed?”

Mir: “We were shocked when we first saw it–there were no backs to the shirts. We didn’t want to show anybody our shirts without a jacket. It is not ‘restrained’ at all, even though it is supposed to be! (Laughs) Moreover, it looks comfortable and simple to put on, but it is actually very uncomfortable to wear. But, since the clothes complete the stage image, we were not embarrassed. NEVER!”

Interviewer: “There is a moment when Lee Joon smiles after having stone-faced throughout the song. Are you showing us your hidden charm to make fans see you differently? Or are you cracking? You really popped in that moment!”

Lee Joon: “Thank you for the compliment. I believe a song is effectively delivered to the audience if only you pay attention to not only the song the singing and the dancing, but also the visuals, performances and expressions. Therefore, I tried to act according to the lyrics in the song while on stage. Yes, you could say it was a set-up, and I would say it was a success if someone saw me differently when I smiled (Laughs)”

Interviewer: “Mir, you left the MBC entertainment show The Real Man  for MBLAQ’s comeback, do you have any solo career?”

Mir: “It has been a long time since I came with a new album. I want to focus on the music and group activity. I was loved my many fans and had various other opportunities, but first and foremost, I am a member of of MBLAQ.”


MBLAQ Meet “Smoky Girl”

Interviewer: “Let’s assume you met a smoky girl like the one in your lyrics, were her eyes bruised?”

Thunder: “The ‘Smoky Girl’ in the lyrics was named thus not only because of her smoky make-up, but it is also because her eye make-up was half removed by her tears. So in the lyrics we referred to it as ‘bruised eyes’. If we met a girl like the one in the lyrics, we know that she has been crying and is wounded by love. I have been told that to sit beside her and just listen to her story is the best thing I can do. (Laugh)”

Interviewer: “If you feel in love with a smoky girl, what would be her greatest charm? Physical characteristics, like a dimple or pretty fingers?”

Seungho: “I like a woman who makes me feel comfortable when we are together. It would also be nice if she was pretty.”

GO: “I prefer a woman who loves me. If I feel her consideration towards me and my friends, I think it would be her greatest charm.”

Thunder: “I don’t know yet, but I think everybody has their own charm. Someone may have  a pretty face, someone else may be cute. I don’t want to stick to just one thing. (Laughs)” 

Mir: “A pretty smile and an optimistic and attentive attitude.”


My Sexy Beats

Interviewer: “When do you look the sexiest?”

Seungho: “After I have fixed a broken machine perfectly.”
G.O: “When I sing.”
Lee Joon: “When I sing and dance on stage.”
Thunder: “When I wore the clothes for ‘Smoky Girl’ (Laughs) Hmm… I don’t know.”
Mir: “When I come home after a busy day.”

Interviewer: “What is the best part of your body?”

Seungho: “The dark circles! Haha, just joking. My lips, I don’t know why, but I like my lips. (Laughs)
G.O: “My nose. Doesn’t it look manly?”
Lee Joon: “My back? Waist? Legs? All the body parts that I dance with. (Laughs)”
Thunder: “Long legs? I am the tallest member of MBLAQ (Laughs)”
Mir: “My eyes. Can’t you identify me by just my eyes?”



Five questions related to the name MBLAQ.

Interviewer: “M” for ‘Man’ and ‘B’ for ‘Boy’, but what is the difference and the boundary between men and boys?”

Seungho: “A man is manly whereas a boy is a child.”

Interviewer: “The L, Life. Life is ___”

Lee Joon: “Life is a series of realizations.”

Interviewer: “A, Amazing. What makes you go crazy? What are you crazy about?”

G.O: “The music makes me crazy. I am crazy about the music.”

Interviewer: “Q, Quote. What is your favourite quote or motto and why? Qnack, when do you feel like a swindler?”

Mir: “‘Do what you want to do’. I don’t pay attention to things I dislike. G.O even told me once that I deny the existence of things I dislike to do.”
Thunder: “I call my friends to have a drink when they are busy, but the fact is, I don’t drink.”

Source: KBS World
Transcribed by: kamepichan@OhThunder

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