Cheondung’s Digital Single Release Trending Event :)

Good day dear A+ & fellow Soonjas! We all know that our Thunder is going to release his new Single titled ‘없어’/‘Gone’ 12 hours from now at Korean Standard Time (KST).

So in order to show our precious Visual Maknae Thunder our appreciation on his hard work for his new song, we’ll have a trending event at EXACTLY 12noon KST, where his new song will be released.

We will be using hashtag #CheondungEobseo for his new Song ‘Gone‘.

In order for it not to count as spam lets always have a word/phrase attached with #CheondungEobseo tag. And please don’t use the tag not until its 12noon KST. 🙂

Everyone is welcome to join and trend with us and show how much we love and appreciate Thunder’s hard work and his love for us fans. We hope everybody can help and join us with this event. ^^,



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