140201 [OTHER] 2014 Idol Star Athletics Championship MVPs Cheondung for Men’s Archery

Who Is the MVP of the 8th Idol Star Athletic Championships? Results from Day 2

source: SOOMPI


The results of Day 2 of the 8th annual Idol Star Athletic Championships are in, after some edge-of-your-seat fierce solo and team competition in the archery, track, curling, and futsal events. Check out what happened on Day 1 here!

The day started off with men’s archery. The two favorites, B1A4’s CNU and MBLAQ’sThunder, made it to the final round. CNU was last year’s gold medalist, and Thunder has been the silver medalist for three years in-a-row. In the gold medal match, CNU wasn’t quite on point, getting a low 6-point shot at one time, and lost to the ever consistent and focused Thunder, who scored a total of 46 points, edging out CNU’s 41 for the gold medal, and finally breaking his three-year silver medal streak.

The bronze medal, decided by a single shot, went to A-Jax’s Hyeong Gon, who shot a perfect 10, beating B.A.P Dae Hyun’s 7-point shot.

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