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MBLAQ’s Seungho and Thunder are set to perform in a musical drama about K-Pop in the 1990s, “Moon Night”, in two weeks.

In the musical, Seungho will act as Kim Woohyuk and Thunder as Lee Minsu, where both will be rivals in trying to be the best dancer.

The musical’s organizer has released a number of pictures, which show them alongside other cast members, such as Park Jaemin, Shim Hyunseob and Im Kihong.

In the pictures they appear charismatic in suits; on the other hand, they look boyish and cool when they are in t-shirts, black leather jackets and sneakers.

“Moon Night” is scheduled to perform on February 21 – March 23 at M Sejong Center Seoul with ticket prices of 80.000 (US$ 74) for VIP, KRW 60.000 (US$ 55) for class R, and KRW 40.000 (US$ 37) for class S.

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