[OTHER] 140228 MBLAQ’s Thunder reveals his dreams in 2014

Source: TTWIGO

MBLAQ 5th Mini Album Showcase 'Sexy Beat'

MBLAQ’s Thunder has revealed his dreams in 2014 during an interview with CeCi magazine for the magazine’s March edition.

“Eat what I want to eat, sit in the vehicle I want to sit, walk the path I want to walk,” he said.
Moreover, the idol who released solo singles “Gone” and “Don’t Go” also would like to travel overseas alone.

“I sometimes have that impulse to travel overseas alone too, and after performing on stage, I am curious what it feels like to cry all alone apart from crying because I feel touched,” he continued.
Not just that, he also said that he is happy to live as an idol who is loved by many fans, and the advantage as an idol is that he has many opportunities that have opened up to him.

“No matter where we go we are welcomed as idols, and the love that fans give is very heart-warming to me. Honestly, compared to other people, more opportunities have opened up to me because I am an idol,” Thunder said, who is currently acting in musical drama “Moon Night” with his fellow member Seungho.

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