[OTHER] 140303 What did MBLAQ have to say on the weekend?

Source: TTWIGO

Lacoste L!ve Winter Wonderland Party

MBLAQ have revealed various things yesterday on the weekend via their respective Twitter accounts, except for Lee Joon as he is the only member who does not have an account.

The band’s main vocalist, G.O., who is exhausted by his tight schedules and busyness in preparing drama musical “Seopyeonje”, has expressed his feelings.

“Really.. hard,” he tweeted.



Fans responded by giving support for their idol to remain strong, not to give up and energetic.

Different with G.O, Thunder tweeted more cheerful words and uploaded a picture. The idol who recently completed musical “Moon Night”, expressed his gratitude for the food support from one of their fan sites.

“That’s right (name of Thunder’s fansite) support thank you very much A+ (the nickname of MBLAQ’s) I love you!,” he wrote and also uploaded a photo that shows him holding the food support that consists of several fruits.



Last but not least, Seungho said he will start to practice again for the preparation of their latest album, after he wrapped up “Moon Night” with Thunder.

“Find a dream find a love that heartbeats name is ‘Moon Night’ Ohohoho also today fans thank you!! Then I will be back practice for comeback,” he wrote.



Can’t wait for their comeback! And don’t forget to always give support!

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