[OTHER] 140305 MBLAQ’s Thunder wants to show off his own characteristic


MBLAQ’s Thunder hopes that one day he could have activities that could accentuate his own characteristics. One of the idol’s methods to realize his dream is by releasing a solo single “Gone” that he produced on January 24.

“’Gone’ is the second song in my life that I have composed and wrote the lyrics, so I personally really like this song,” he said during an interview with CeCi Magazine’s March edition.

Previously, he had released a single titled “Don’t Go”, which he only performed at “The BLAQ% Tour” in 2012.

“Although in MBLAQ what I should be doing and achieve up to what standard is already determined, but I am curious to see what it feels like to stand on the stage all alone,” he continued.

“Someday in the future I hope to have an activity that has my own characteristics. Because now I still have many areas that I lack, so firstly I need to set my life plans,” he said.
Meanwhile, Thunder has also recently started to join the musical stage by alternately performing as the main character in “Moon Night” with his fellow member Seungho.

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