[NEWS] 140310 MBLAQ Mini Album ‘BROKEN’ concept image surprised public


Official MBLAQ 10 days via SNS sixth mini album unveiled a surprise concept image .

Framed pictures are published in shattered glass , as if torn look like that in the photo of the members .  The album name ‘BROKEN’ sharp as broken and is in contrast to the background image , members of the chic and strong ‘ masculine ‘ mature appearance looks very impressive in the picture .
In addition, individuals with cuts in public in love like a piece of broken glass wounded heart was expressed in dreamlike images .  Broken away in sorrow than love , yet masculine look to show what cool is , the secret of this concept album is packed MBLAQ said.
Agency JTune Camp said that ” this day published concept image shows, the album ‘BROKEN’  through a unique and mature imgae MBLAQ is going to show you ” said ” to be released step by step in the future of the much anticipated sixth MBLAQ mini-album, “they said.

Meanwhile, each member of MBLAQ movies, drama , entertainment MC, musicals and individual activities also continued successfully in the middle ‘ monolith ‘ of MBLAQ ‘s comeback was a flare is fired.

Source: http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&sid1=001&oid=076&aid=0002476423

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