[OTHER] 140324 G.O and Thunder talk about their dating life + their title song




MBLAQ held their showcase for mini-album ‘Broken’ in Seoul on March 24 and answered some questions, as well. They were asked about their dating experience to which G.O said, “I should date, but since I can’t, I am paranoid.”

As he took part in composing and writing the lyrics for “Because There Are Two” and “Still With You,” G.O said, “I wrote those from my imagination.” As Thunder also took part in the making of the album by writing the lyrics for and composing “12 Months,” he said, “I can’t say that I’ve never had any experience at all.”

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In relation to the main song “Be A Man” being the work of talented singer Wheesung, G.O revealed that he ran into Wheesung at an overseas concert and shared a discussion relating to music, which is how the opportunity to work together came. G.O said, “It’s about a shabby man who becomes unable to do anything after he is informed that the woman he loves has left and this reality corrupts his illusions.”

Their agency J.Tune Camp said, “The secret concept of this album is to show a manly, albeit cold, gaze rather than a sad one in the midst of a broken love. We plan on showing a color unique to MBLAQ that is completed to perfection and unrivaled.”

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