[OTHER] 140403 MBLAQ’s Seungho irks after losing in badminton match against Thunder

Source: TTWIGO


MBLAQ have recently released their latest single, “Be A man” on March 24, and started their promotional activities last week. Despite their busy activities, they still enjoy their breaks by performing exercises.

Thunder uploaded a picture on his Twitter account of him and Seungho after playing badminton yesterday, April 1. It appears that Seungho had ended up as the loser.

“MBLAQ’s badminton tournament.. 4 wins 2 losses middle school badminton championship the bronze medal winner was Thunder.. jjak jjak jjak! Seungho who gets mental breakdown only sighed,” the winner tweeted.

In the photo, Thunder was attired in a white sleeveless t-shirt, while squatting down, holding a racquet and his head was ornamented with the crown of victory.

Meanwhile, Seungho was sitting cross legged while playing with his mobile phone. Above him was a picture of a skull that symbolized his disappointment, and another picture to indicate that he was sighing.

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