[OTHER] 140409 The physical transformation of MBLAQ’s Thunder

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MBLAQ 5th Mini Album Showcase 'Sexy Beat'

In a number of opportunities MBLAQ’s Seungho said that Thunder has become a man.

The biggest transformation can be seen from his body that has become bigger and more muscular, which is in stark contrast with his old appearance. Thunder used to be known as an idol with a skinny body and small appetite, which often exasperated Seungho who has a big appetite.

Thunder, who likes meat, even participated in variety show “Raising Idol” in 2009 with SHINee’s Key and U-KISS’s former member Dongho. The variety show provided him with a coach to taught him how to perform exercise that could shape his body, so he could be a charismatic idol.

“I got rejected several times when I auditioned before. The reason was because my dance was not powerful enough. I think that exercising will give me more strength because I will gain more muscles and weight,” he said on the show

thun-oh-yeah thun-Y-2010

During MBLAQ’S promotions for their repackaged album, “BLAQ Style – 3D Edition” in 2011, he started to show off his abs when he was performing their single, “Again”. His transformation had certainly surprised his fans.

thun-abs-again-1 thun-abs-again-2

However, the younger brother of 2NE1’s Sandara Park experienced his most drastic transformation when the band released their single, “Monalisa” in 2011. The skinny Thunder was immediately forgotten, because he has transformed into a macho and muscular man. In the single’s video clip, he was attired in a sleeveless top and black net top that showed off his muscular body.thun-monalisa1 thun-monalisa2

He also ranked fifth for “Best Shoulders” on Mnet’s Wide Entertainment Hot Body Star in 2012.

thun-best-shoulder-2012 thun-best-shoulder-2012-2

Thunder is currently promoting his band’s latest single, “Be A Man” that was released on March 24. The idol’s body appears more buffed and muscular, which is arguably as good as the body of Lee Joon, who has been regarded as the most muscular member in MBLAQ.

thun-bts-mv1 thun-bts-mv2 thunder-selca-broken

So, do you like Thunder’s transformation?

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