140416 Cheondung chatting at MBLAQ’s Official Daum Cafe

Source: Daum Cafe
Translated: @Mr__KL , @MBLAQGO_LUVU , @BLAQ_MR / caps: @humi_928 , @BLAQ_MR
Via: merlinka@mblaqattack.net


MBLAQ’s repackaged album has 3 new songs.
The title song in the repackaged album is composed by Cheondung.

A+: First time chatting with you 😀 Cheondung replied: My first time chatting with you too XD

A+: MBLAQ isn’t going to be on more variety shows like Sesame Player?
Cheondung: I have thought about it, between us MBLAQ we can just film with iPads and edit it then upload onto Youtube, because we feel like a variety show normally, should we make a MBLAQ channel?

A: Oppa, if you have a badminton competition can you upload a video clip?
Cheondung: If you want a video clip then the poses of MBLAQ hyungs will look pitiful.
A+: Who is better at badminton?
Cheondung: I’m crowned second, Seungho is first, in the last match I was attempting to win but I still lost, so losers have nothing to say.
A+: Mir oppa is already eliminated from the start?
Cheondung: Mir only plays mobile phone games

A+: What time do you sleep?
Cheondung: 5am at night, I would write songs, close the lights & watch TV while drinking grape juice

A+: Cheondung you don’t rap anymore? Cheondung: I’m still good at rapping now

Fan:U guys look so cool in tailor suits
CD: its not tailor suit, its western suit. 28 years old hyungs line wore tailor suits

Fan: What about Lee Joon oppa? Is his tailor or western suit?
CD: He’s just an assassin

Fan: Do you exercise regularly?
CD: I exercise when I feel like exercising

Fan: How can your sis feed you until so well?
Thunder:It’s not my sis, it’s my mom

Fan:Lets organise athlectic conference
CD: Please don’t mention about sports to MBLAQ XD

Fan about badminton: Is Mir the 1st to get disqualified?
CD: Mir only focus on playing his handphone games

Fan: Can u say something that can make our heartbeat beat really fast?
CD: Sure!
CD: The things I ordered is send out

Fan: CD, can you change your font colour?
CD: No!
Fan: Why?
CD: Because red font is too dangerous to be written

Fan:Have you seen Rain recently?
Cheondung: You talking about Ji-Hoon hyung? My idol Rain?

Fan:Cheondung do you like composing during the day? Or composing at night?
Cheondung: Night

A+: Why is the new song called 12 months? Why not 1 year or 365 days?
Cheondung: I feel 12 months sounds better, like it

Cheondung: Ahh something big is happening, my spaghetti is here
So A+ asked him if he would use a fork to spin up spaghetti and eat.
Cheondung: Using a fork to eat like that, then life will be knotted together too, so I just eat it directly.

A+ kept telling Cheondung to upload a selca to show his black hair,
Cheondung: I’m not good at taking selcas so I can’t

To. Hongkong A+ From. Thunder
He said ‘Hongkong fans miss you’



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