Twitter: 140629 Cheondung’s tweet + conversation with Fiestar’s Hyemi

Doongie tweeted about feeling good enough to write a good song (Yay!) and then Hyemi asked for that song (for her to sing maybe? hehe) but Doongie said it’s not a song for girls? haha Well, I’m looking forward to hearing that song and the song you’ll be writing for Hyemi, Doong-ah xD


@shpthunder Today the feelings are great.. a feeling that i could write good lyrics..

@FIESTAR__Hyemi Please give me that song

@shpthunder I won’t give you a song ㅡㅡ

@FIESTAR__Hyemi You are really stubborn about it keke

@shpthunder It’s a masculine song. I will write feminine song for you later later keke

Source: Thunder’s twitter ; Fiestar’s Hyemi Twitter
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I always like to see Doongie interacting with other idols because on broadcasts he’s usually quiet or forever alone amongst a sea of idols xD It’s like seeing him, the natural Doongie, when with friends or people he’s comfortable with. For a little background on the Doong and Hyemi’s friendship..

[INSTAGRAM]FIESTAR’s Hyemi Poses with Thunder – ” I met my friend since the trainee days”

“Thunder, IU, Seonggu and Hyemi used to be a group of LOEN trainees called ‘Jjuguri’ who wanted to prove themselves to be singers.”

Doongie and Hyemi along with IU and High4’s Seonggu are known to be close friends with each other since their trainee days together back in LOEN Entertainment (IU and Hyemi’s agency) after posting old sticker pictures with each other on SNS and IU confirming it on TV a couple of times or so.

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[NEWS] IU, MBLAQ’s Thunder, Fiestar’s Hyemi Take Sticker Pictures Together

Photos: [TWITTER] IU updates with selcas with Thunder + friends “quickly make a debut so we four can do a talk show”

It seems that Doongie started training around the time he, Dara and their family moved back to Korea from the Philippines around 2007 or maybe it was sometime in 2008. (He also auditioned for JYP^^) IU was the first to debut as a solo singer in 2008, then Doongie became a last minute replacement for Sangbae (now Pro-C’s Moos), joining MBLAQ of course from J.Tune Camp for their debut in 2009. In 2012, LOEN debuted its girl group FIESTAR which included Hyemi and finally, Seonggu came out in HIGH4 (with their hit single Of Spring, Love and Cherry Blossoms featuring IU) from N.A.P Entertainment (which coincidentally, is also C-REAL’s company, whose debut music video stars our very own Doongie ❤)

Video: [CUT] 120821 MBLAQ Thunder x IU WIDE E580 Ent. Ranking Virtual Unit

Video: [FULL] 120914 MBLAQ’s IDOL MANAGER Episode 5! *with notes/rough translations*

[OTHER] 140408 MBLAQ’s Thunder supports his friends, HIGH4’s Kim Sunggu

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