Instagram: [150211 songain87] “Cheondung-ssi, why did you come here..?”

Youngest member of Brown Eyed Girls and also promoting as solo artist under MYSTIC Ent., Gain posted on her Instagram about new fellow labelmate, Cheondung!


songain87 went to Mystic’s practice room
this is not something I expected
Cheondung-ssi, why did you come here..?hm??

Source: Gain’s official Instagram
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

One thought on “Instagram: [150211 songain87] “Cheondung-ssi, why did you come here..?”

  1. Just heard the news yesterday from looking at latest videos of Cheondung on youtube! ^-^ So happy he’s back! I thought he’s gonna be gone from showbiz for a long time since he said he’s gonna be focusing on studying music. But it’s good that Gain’s agency took notice of him ;D Welcome to your new second home! I bet Sandy is very proud of you! Yey! Park siblings will be seen on dramas soon! I hope!


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