From. Cheondung: [150218 9:52PM] “A record of five years’ time..”

To all the fans, hello, this is Cheondung!

I want to write this to you in detail then post it right away
How to begin writing this.. After a lot of thinking, I’m finally writing it

A record of five years’ time.. The fourth under the big name MBLAQ.. I became part of the youngest line a few weeks before debut
After joining the company, I finally debuted.. And then 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years went by..
Maybe because the time to prepare was very short.. I experienced a lot of difficult times and times I was very disappointed..
Sitting and staring blankly for no reason, tears falling, a lot of times it was kind of surprising..
But eventually everything passed and the magical moments with you are all that’s left in my heart now..
When I was tired up to the breaking point, your cheers gave me the strength to go on practicing and performing
Because of your cheering, I was able to endure all the hard times..

Now the big name MBLAQ decided to walk out on their own individual paths
We all thought that each of our own choices were important when the day came.. It was not exactly one person’s choice
We all thought that it was the right way to go for the “group”..
Of course, to all those who gave their love for MBLAQ, it may have been a very regrettable choice but I also think that..
Nothing lasts forever… If there is a meeting, then there is a “parting”.. But.. If there is a parting.. Then there is also a “meeting again”..
That’s what I think.. But we can’t make predictions and prophesies about a person’s, a human being’s future
We can only dream about it.. From now on, for the time being, I will stand before you as Cheondung or Park Sanghyun
Someday you may never see me again.. There will be personal wounds but they will not scar.. They will just eventually disappear..
This is just what I think.. I see a lot of your messages, from familiar names, also those from overseas too
I try to look at as many as I can and if there is something you want to say, please please do tell me
This place is for you and I you know hehe

Also the Lunar New Year holidays have now started, eat lots of delicious food and go receive new year blessings
Those that are on a diet, I heard that your body will not change if you eat even just for a few days, just eat to your heart’s content, Happy Lunar New Year!
Please note I.. will be giving you good news soon, like I am dieting right now.. But I won’t miss out on eating rice cake soup..
I will get scolded if the trainer hyung finds out, please keep it a secret.. ㅋㅋ
Then, let’s meet again on another day, I promise, for now, I will be back!
Enjoy your holidays and Happy Lunar New Year!!!!!!!!

(A/N: I tried very hard to get Doongie’s words across. There may be a lot of mistakes but I hope I was able to give it justice.)

Feel free to leave your comments here though or write your messages to Doongie in the cafe!

Source: Cheondung’s official fancafe
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

3 thoughts on “From. Cheondung: [150218 9:52PM] “A record of five years’ time..”

  1. He’s always been practical. And he seems to be doing pretty well for himself right now. I believe they are on good terms and there will be a reunion in the future, like he mentioned. it might not mean getting back together as Mblaq, but it is sufficient as long as they remain the brothers they used to be. I’m looking forward to Cheondung’s growth as an actor and a singer. He has shown immense progress since his debut and can only get better here on.


  2. I am really proud to be Cheondung’s fan. I know he debuted very quickly and went through a really steep learning curve. I think his departure from MBLAQ will really benefit him as his previous company were really poor at promoting the group. I hope Cheondung will continue to grow in his own pace and that we will get to see lots of him on tv and I really can’t wait to see him come back as a singer! Hwaiting hwaiting ya ya ya!


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