Instagram: [150307 parksiblingscatstagram] Little Haneul invades Doongie’s room!

Haneul, or Hanuri as she is affectionately called, is the latest addition to the Park Siblings’ cat family. Last December, parksiblingscatstagram updated about the new three-year-old kitty in the Park household. Right now, they have a total of four cats, including “do not touch me!!” Bambi, camera-shy Oreo and of course, spoiled prince Dadoong haha.


parksibingscatstagram “Hanuri occupying Doong papa’s bed 😻 sleeping beauty hanuri!!! #haneul #hanuri”


parksibingscatstagram “I am kneading* on Doong papa’s bed!!! Is my necklace pretty meow**?! 😸 #haneul #haneul

*The motion cats do where they push alternately with their paws, usually on something soft, like giving a massage
**Or nyaong, the Korean for meow haha

(A/N: It seems like it’s been a long time since Doongie had that curtain in his room? XD)

Here’s a bonus update from January:

[150131 parksiblingscatstagram] “Dad’s T-shirt”


parksiblingscatstagram “Dad’s T-shirt covering a sleeping Hanuri ~ >.< 💤💤 sleeping beauty 😻 #haneul #haneul

*Dad referring to Doongie

(A/N: Is it bad to get jealous of a cat? XD But Hanuri is a cutiee, I love her)

Source: Park Siblings’ Cats Instagram
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

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