Oh Thunder group donation for That’s Right drama support


150414: “Make a Woman Cry” drama press conference


Cheondung’s Instagram post

150331: That’s Right will continue to receive donations until April 4! Last March 28, we were able to send That’s Right $50 worth of donations that we collected~ Thank you for your donations 🙂

150325: We’ll be accepting donations until March 28 (this Saturday) only before we forward them to That’s Right~ Thanks to all those who donated ❤ 🙂

That’s Right is holding a fundraising event this month of March to give Doongie a rice wreath in support of his new drama Make A Woman Cry this April. The amount of rice raised for the support will be given to those in need under the name of Cheondung and his fandom. Any amount of donation is welcome, but That’s Right will also be sending gifts for those who donate more than $20.


Want to donate and get special gifts, but can’t raise up to $20, $40 or more?

Oh Thunder is planning to raise to more than $20 or $40 for donation to the rice wreath and give away the giftsets to our lucky participants.

If the donation reached $20, the giftset of an anti-radiation sticker and 5-pc A photoset will be given away to one (1) lucky participant.
If the donation reached $40, the giftset of an anti-radiation sticker, 5-pc A photoset, 5-pc B photoset, and a photo booklet will be given away to one (1) lucky participant.
And if the donation reached to more than $60, giftsets may be given away to more than two (2) lucky participants.

The winner(s) will immediately be determined by lottery before the donations are forwarded to That’s Right so that shipping details can be settled.

What do you have to do?

Just send us any amount below $20 during the period from March 6 (Friday) to March 31 (Tuesday), 2015, via Paypal, Western Union, or Bank Deposit (for Filipino fans). Details on where to send are available at the end of this post. Please take note that sending money may be subject to additional fees (particularly via Western Union).

If we reach $20 in the middle of the month, we will try to raise up to $40 first to try and get the $40 giftset. If we reach $40 before the month ends, one person from our list of donors will be chosen to receive the $40 giftset. If not, one person will receive the $20 giftset. If we manage to raise $60 dollars by the end of the month, then one person will get the $40 giftset and another will get the $20 giftset. If we raise $80 at the end of the month, then two people will each get the $40 giftset. This part is a little confusing (and ambitious), so if you have questions, feel free to leave them below.

If we fail to reach our expected amount of $20, the donations will still be forwarded to That’s Right and the names of the donors will be included in the list That’s Right will be making to give to Cheondung. The donations will go to the rice that will be given to the needy.

Please also take note that the giftsets will be sent/will arrive around July 2015.

I’d like to know your opinion on this, and if you would be willing to join. Please leave a comment or vote using the poll below:

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