Cheondung’s visit to Fulore Clinic yesterday

The dermatologist at Fulore Clinic in Myeongdong posted a picture he took with Cheondung yesterday (Sunday, March 15) on Naver Blog and commented on how Cheondung looked much more taller in real life.



“(On Sunday) MBLAQ member and 2NE1’s Sandara Park’s younger brother,
Cheondung came to Fulore Clinic Myeongdong.

Cheondung is taller in person compared to what you see on TV.
I took a picture with him as souvenir
Because of the other side being shorter, took consideration of a man’s difference (A/N: This part was a little difficult to translate but he meant that Cheondung lowered himself to match the dermatologist’s height on the picture ^^)
I met another young friend.”

Source: Fulore Naver Blog
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder
*omitted parts talking about the events in Myeongdong last weekend and info about Fulore Clinic

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