(Updated!) Videos: 150320 Designer Han Sanghyuk “HEICH ES HEICH” fashion show

*Cheondung appears around 4:10 and 10:58

Backstage Interview:

(Credit: 朴尚玄吧中字
Rough trans: mblaqgo_luvu)

Cheondung, “Walking was really fun”

Singer Cheondung said that walking on the runway is fun.

Cheondung told OBS News:

I was really nervous but also really happy, walking was really fun. I think I need to see the video to know. I was so nervous that actually I don’t know if I did well.

His comment on walking the runway:

I was thinking that walking on the runway is really fun. Actually, it was just a short walk, but it didn’t feel like it.

Source: TRENDY official YouTube channel, OBSPlus 독특한 Entertainment News 1 2
Re-upload: BLAQ O
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder


Source: Chihye Lee on YouTube

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