(Updated!) Photos+Video: 150318 “Make A Woman Cry” Script Reading


CONFIRMED: “Make A Woman Cry” will air every Saturday and Sunday at 8:45PM KST starting April 18. Press conference will be held on April 14.

Seems that the cast of the new MBC weekend drama “Make a Woman Cry” just finished the final script reading last March 18 (Wednesday), according to one of the actors who posted the above photo on his Instagram, Na Hyo-in (who will be playing as “Kim Minwoo”). It seems that they first received the script for the 1st episode last March 11 (in another photo also shared by Na Hyo-in.)

The above photo shows the cast of characters for the drama, which includes Kang Hyunseo to be played by Park Sanghyun (Cheondung). Some characters have previously been mentioned in a character chart shared by a blog, and some new things to note are: Chief Kang’s name is Kang Taehwan, his wife Min Jeongsuk will be played by actress Seo Woo-rim, the 2nd son’s name is actually Jinmyung not Jinyoung, the only daughter in the Kang family Jinhee will be played by actress Han Yiseo, main character Deok-in’s mother-in-law Bok-rye will be played by actress Kim Jiyoung, Deok-in’s brother-in-law Kyungsoo will be played by actor Jin Seon-gyu, Hyunseo’s nurse and love interest Hyojung’s boyfriend Kyungtae who is also Deok-in’s brother-in-law will be played by actor Ji Iljoo, Deok-in’s sister-in-law Kyung-ah will be played by actress Han Bobae, Hyunseo’s younger cousin Minseo will be played by actor Shin Jiwoon, and Hyunseo’s youngest cousin Yoonseo will be played by actor Han Jongyoung.

Here are the video and photos of Cheondung and the other cast members during the first script reading of “Make a Woman Cry”  held at the MBC Drama Sangnam broadcast station:

*Around 1:48, Cheondung and Shin Jiwoon each reads out a line to one another.

Cheondung as Hyunseo, the son of the first son of the Kang family:


Hyunseo’s mother, Na Eunsoo, and his uncle Jinmyung, who will have a possible loveline in the drama:


The drama’s main couple, Hyunseo’s high school teacher Uncle Jinwoo and noodleshop owner Jung Deok-in:


Hyunseo’s nurse, Hyojung, and her boyfriend, Kyungtae:


Hyunseo’s grandparents, Chief Kang and Mrs. Min:

women_photo150401170407imbcdrama2 women_photo150401170407imbcdrama1

Deok-in’s mother-in-law Bokrye, husband Kyungchul, older brother-in-law Kyungsoo and younger sister-in-law Kyungah:


women_photo150401172621imbcdrama1  women_photo150401172621imbcdrama4

Sources: hy0_1n on Instagram, MBC “Make A Woman Cry” official Facebook page, official Website, Top Star News

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