(Updated!) Photos: 150330 Leon 3rd Anniversary Party

A photo of Cheondung during Leon magazine’s 3rd anniversary party, as shared by Alan Nam (of ALAN’s that Cheondung visited before going to the party) on his Instagram.

150330alannam1 150330alannam1

Leon Japan editor. Leon Korea editor. And Cheondung.

More photos from the event~

From Leon Korea magazine May 2015 issue:


Credit to That’s Right

Recently turned actor Cheondung and Girolamo

Recently showing good images as actors, singers Im Seulong and Cheondung’s unrealistic body proportions evoke mixed sighs of jealousy from men and cheers from women.

*Girolamo Panzetta is said to be a celebrity from Italy currently living and working in Japan. 2AM Seulong was also there at the party.

From Alan Nam’s blog:

From another blog:

Thanks to @kuangkuangbibi for capturing the photos from the blogs (since the original photos can’t be downloaded)

Translations: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

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