110127 [TWITTER] Cheondung’s Tweets

Answer: They are goat Mir and rabbit Doong! ^^

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[Twitter] 110119 Thunder’s Tweet

Translatioin: Everyone~ are you bored~???

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101128 Thunder’s tweet

REAL TRANS: When i was working on composing a song, suddenly i became 5 children’s father…..i need to work hard and get more money! for my sons university!

|NEWS| Mnet Ultimate Live in Thailand postponed but not cancelled!

Mnet Ultimate Live Thailand Presented by Hanami Concert has been postponed… but it will not be cancelled!

The reason that I-works Entertainment gave for the postponement was “to extend more lead time to communication with public about the concert and its content, also search for new schedule that fit to a larger group of audience, we have discussed with MCOT, Mnet and Hanami about postponement of the concert to have more time to communicate, promote the event and better preparation for the concert.”

They are looking into moving the concert to November. More information on the FAQ from their Facebook posted below:

Stay updated through their Twitter and visit their website for official news and information.

|NEWS| 101003 Mir confirms upcoming MBLAQ 3rd album

This might clear some of your questions about what Thunder tweeted before: “3rd.. big change” (but then he deleted it)

Now we got a clue from Mir’s tweets.

In a Twitter conversation with Park Kyung Lim, the host of radio program “Starry Night”, MBLAQ’s Mir divulged on the status of their 3rd album.

Mir tweeted, “Mom ㅠㅠ I miss you ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ”, to which Park replied, “Do not call me mom~~~~~ ㅠㅠㅠ”.  Mir replied an hour later, “We are releasing the third album soon, so please save room for us ㅠㅠ.”  Like a parent, Park indulgently said, “Hurry up and come~~~

We all can’t wait for their comeback!! 😀

Source: allkpop.com