Bae Jin Ryeol tweets about Thunder’s present; producing skills

It’s nice to know Doongie has been keeping up with his composing and also nice to see someone being so affectionate towards him.

Bae Jin Ryeol or JR GROOVE is a producer. For MBLAQ specifically, he’s produced Running & Running, and he also did the remix  for Y on the Blaq Style album.

He’s previously posted about Thunder on his Cyworld, calling him Angel Cheondoong.

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Tweet from January 24, 2012


Thunder came over to my house.. When he was leaving he suddenly gave me a surprise present.. After all.. He has good manners… Young but still..ㅎ

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Tweet from January 25:


I think I’ll have a rival again in a few years..ㅎ Thunder’s programming skills .. And his talent for writing music is getting better every day.. We’ll have to wait and see, but I think we can expect him to become the 2nd Teddy in a few years. In contrast to the start, I see a lot of possibilities in him..

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It’s exciting that we may be hearing more of Thunder’s compositions in the future!

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|VID| 110212 Cheondung’s son was on TV!

Do you remember this?

It’s Cheondung’s son, Doongdoongie! ❤ If you need a refresher, click HERE ^^ Anyway, Doongdoongie made an appearance with his new owner (I think) on TV 😀 She talks about why he’s named Doongdoongie I think, and she mentions Cheondung. Heehee. Click read more to see!!!

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|VID| Cheondung’s BTS Interview for Raising Idols DVD

With so much thanks to our friends at Cheondung’s Korean fansite, That’s Right and the amazing uploader Toku, we bring you the BTS interview from the Beautiful Teacher’s Raising Idols DVD (Thunder Cut) that’s being released in Japan. You see some of the BTS of him shooting the Chapstick MV. ^^

The DVD is also available in YesAsia! 😀

Credits to Toku @ That’s Right/WithThunder

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