Video: [Fancams] 130128 MBC Idol Championship

As I promised to our dear and hardworking Ellie. These are the awesome fancams of our Mblaq Boys: Cheondung, Seungho, GO and Mir (san Joon) at MBC Idol Championship.

source: onlyMBLAQ1Kim Perrier

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[Support] Thunder’s 23th Birthday Project!

Hi, everyone! Thunder’s 23th birthday is coming up soon, on October 7. 

With regards to this, withthunder is planning a birthday project for our Doong and those who want to join,  you can visit their website for more information.
Also, support CheondoongsTHfacts, MBLEAST and Absolutemblaq and all Cheondung’s Supporter on twitter for details .
You can also send a personal gifts and letter through them, withthunder.

Hope everyone could participate and donate.

Thank you all! ^_^

cr: GURUPO AND That’s Right

[Fancam] 120630 – MBLAQ – BLAQ% TOUR JAKARTA ~Thunder Focus

Congratulation to our Mblaq Boys for the successful Blaq% Concert!

Also,  happy that there is alot of Cheondung fancam on these concert. Thank you to all Indonesian A+ who took the video and photos of the boys esp Doong.

Enjoy watching! ^__^

cr: ,  arumkirana89

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120619 Secret No.1 MBLAQ Cut (Appearance rank in MBLAQ)


[FullCUT] 120618 MBLAQ-This is War+Oh Yeah on KBS Cheongju Concert