[Fancam] MBLAQ THUNDER 천둥 청주

OMG! Atlast Cheondung fancam is out!!  I really miss him.. hope there is more project and blessing for him.

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[Video] Mblaq Interview w/ Eat your Kimchie

MBLAQ Boys is looking great and our Cheondung speaking Tagalog is Daebak! I’m a proud Filipina A+… hehehe!

Miss at Mahal ka rin namin Cheondung! ^_^


[CAPs] Thunder @ KBS Joy Logo song

Missing you badly, Doong! ^_^

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120604 MBLAQ KBS Joy Logo Song ♥


2012-03-18 MBLAQ CheonDung so funny^^ O or SWEET♥HEART?!

Doong is the most adorable person i’ve ever known.. love him more and more!