Photo: Cheon Dung’s ‘Thanks to’ on their BLAQ Style Album

My treasure number one.. My mum who I love the most in the world even if I don’t say in words~! Thank you so much and I’m sorry that I always make you worry and again I love you so much~! Big Nuna and small nuna too!! Our family hwaiting~~!! ^^

And my other family! J.TUNE Family! Jo Dongwon representative who always treats us warmly like a parent and like a hyung~ Thank you so much! I will work hard! ^^ And Gu Taewon director, Ilkwon hyung, Oh Okgeun director, Cheolhoon hyung, Soogyoung hyun, Dongjoon hyung, who understands us and takes care of us as if we’re his real dongsaengs, thank you so much! I will work harder and become a better singer! ^^ And Heeyoung nuna, Hyojung nuna, and our new family Jungjin nuna who always work their hardest! And Seungpil hyung, Hyungsub hyung (cold haughty bear), Kyungho hyung who suffer with us in the same company! Thank you so much for always suffering for our sake and I love you~! Changsook nuna who will become a star in the next generation, Dahee! I’m anticipating~! And the really cool Jihoon hyung who I respect so much~! Thank you so much for finding time to take care of us even if you’re really busy! We will work hard! ^^ JTune family hwaiting!! ^^

Our pillar Sungtak hyung, who always suffers in the practice room in order to make us cool choreography. Yongduk hyung who is like our real brother, without hyung it doesn’t feel like practie~ hehe And Kyusang hyung who is fun and filled with sense~! And DQ thank you! Teacher Ham, Teacher Soohwa, Teacher No, and Jenny House family who always make our style cool and new~ And thank you all to the Heo Hyohee director and Triple team who always present us with cool outfits! Hong Kiwon supervisor, Zany bros who made us a cool music video~! And Lee Jaeyoon photographer who took cool jacket photos! Thank you so much!! ^^ My savior Jinryeol hyung and Taewan hyung who made cool songs for this album~ thank you so much and I love you! ^^ And to those who worked so hard E-TRIBE hyung, Wontaek hyung, Ji-in hyung, Rado hyung, and Lee Jaemyung writers thank you so so so much! Always thank you to the members Seungho hyung, GO hyung, Joon hyung, Cheolyeong who I love so much! And to the our members’ parents thank you for always worrying about us and taking care of us! Sung-gu who I’m sorry that I can’t often take care of~ Let’s make sure to always work hard! And toㄱㄱㅁ* who gave me so much inspiration and strength thank you so much.. And to my best friends who I miss so much YUAN MENG and Gino thank you! I love you friend~! ^^

And lastly.. Our A+ fans who were so thankful for waiting for us for such a long time~!! Thank you so so so so much and I love you! (Thank you to all those who possess this album now~ ^^)

*is just like letters of an alphabet. I think he is writing an initial for someone. (KKM)


News: Sandara Park Cheers For Thunder’s Comeback Stage and Supports MBLAQ’s Album!

This is a back to back update hehe. First is the news about 2NE1 Dara’s surprise visit to Thunder/MBLAQ’s rehearsal for their comeback performance at MNET and the other one’s a Me2day update of his Noona showing of her signed MBLAQ cd! 🙂


News: Sandara Park Cheers For Her Brother’s Comeback Stage, Surprise M!Countdown Rehearsal Stage Visit

Reputed as music Industry’s reputed “genetically superior siblings,” (or siblings with superior genes), 2NE1′s Sandara Park cheered on her brother, MBLAQ’s Thunder by making a surprise visit during rehearsals for Mnet M!Countdown.

An M!Countdown crew reveals that, “Sandara Park came today to celebrate the comeback stage of her brother, Thunder, and his group, MBLAQ. We were at the rehearsal studio, when she suddenly appeared to cheer him on, carrying a bouquet of flowers,” he adds, “She kept her eyes on the stage the whole time MBLAQ was there, and she appeared very affectionate of her brother,” he finished, describing the atmosphere of the set.

Rain, the president of the agency MBLAQ belongs to, has set out to give the public a new image for MBLAQ with their new sound and new music, attracting the attention of the public. MBLAQ will be making their comeback stage through Mnet M!Countdown on the 13th, 6:00PM much to the anticipation of fans.

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Me2day: Prince Doongie with his Goddess Noona!

와쌉?!? 2010년의 마지막날이네요!!! ^^ 올한해 많이 사랑해주셔서 감사합니다! 꾸벅!!! (__) 2011년에도 투애니원을 비롯한 울 와쥐빼밀리 글구 다라천둥남매도 마니 이뻐해주세요!^_^; 그저깨 만난 둥이와 찰칵! 사진은 세븐형아가 찍어줬어용! ^0^

source: dara’s me2day

|ME2DAY+TRANS| The adorable Park Siblings!

Thunder’s lovely noona, Dara of 2NE1 updated her Me2day with a Park Siblings photo! Lovely lovely lovely ❤

추석연휴가 시작됐네요! 오랜만에 가족들과 함께하는 시간! 우리도 진짜 오랜만에 집에 모였어요! 개똥이두오구 ㅠㅠ 흑흑! 비가 많이 오는데 조심히 고향 내려가시구요~ 맛있는거 많이 먹어요!^_^ 다라와 천둥이가 보내는 메세지~! “해피 추석되세요~!^.^”

The Chuseok holidays have just started! Getting together with the family after a long time! We’ve really gathered after a long time at the house! *Thunder?* ㅠㅠ *sniff sniff* It’s raining a lot so please be careful~ Eat lots of delicious food!^_^ Dara and Thunder’s message to you~! “Happy Chuseok~!^.^”

Credit: Dara’s me2day
Translation: AA-CHAN