Photos: 150425 Park Jiyoon Bazaar

This morning, broadcaster Park Jiyoon hosted her 2nd bazaar entitled “The 2nd Beautiful Desire Sharing Bazaar” (literal translation) at the Tourist Information Center in Apgujeong, Gangnam, Seoul. Seen in attendance were several Mystic Entertainment artists including Cheondung and Superstar K Season 2 placer Jang Jae-in (in the photo below), Yoon Jongshin, singer Park Jiyoon, Gain, among others.


Source: jjjjennywon on Instagram

The proceeds from the 1st bazaar held in November last year were donated to charity.

Check out the press photos below!

150422 Cheondung spotted at Ilsan for lunch

Cheondung was spotted at Ilsan around noon for lunch today.


The person who posted the photo said that Cheondung was there behind him while he was eating. He also said that Cheondung was handsome and had good manners.

Source: jh_x218 on Instagram

Instagram: [150420 shpthunder] “Wkorea photoshoot” + Dara’s post



Wkorea photoshoot 🙂 #@wkorea #Cheondung #ParkSanghyun #:)



Sources: Cheondung and Dara’s official Instagram

“Make a Woman Cry” Episode cuts

Cheondung cuts for now.

Episode 1 (Cheondung cut):

Episode 2 (Cheondung cut):

Episode 3 (Cheondung cut):

Episode 4 (Cheondung cut):

Videos: OMOMOMOMOMOMOM on Dailymotion

Video: 150419 Section TV interviewed “Make a Woman Cry” cast

*Fast forward to 3:05, at this point actress Kim Jung-eun took over the MC spot and asked Cheondung’s question haha

Cheondung who made his debut as member of MBLAQ, is currently pursuing acting as Park Sanghyun.

When asked about Dara, he said that “Noona also just started acting and it seems that we have the same worries. As both rookies just trying to start, we talk about our worries over acting.”

He also revealed that he is currently dieting, “eating one meal a day,” to prepare for his role for the drama.

Video: MBCentertainment on YouTube
News Report: My Daily
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder