[OTHER] 140407 Wheesung expressed his regret for underestimating MBLAQ’s ability

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Solo singer Wheesung used to underestimate MBLAQ’s ability and talent, however he started to change his mind after he collaborated with the band for their latest single, “Be A Man”.
The singer took part in their project as song creator and lyric writer for the band’s latest album that was released on March 24. He realized that the band was not as he had expected.

“Wheesung said this ‘I have underestimated MBLAQ. I apologize’. It makes us very happy since we have gotten a great compliment from a respected senior,” Seungho said on Naver Starcast on March 24.

“During the recording process, our members’ vocal talent and recording skills are a lot better that he thought. It is kind of a compliment. We are so happy for this, and we can think back to this compliment in the future. Thank you,” he continued.

MBLAQ released their sixth mini album, “Broken” on March 24. In the album, G.O, Mir and Thunder also participated in creating, writing and arranging the following songs: “Broken (Intro)”, “Still With You (Outro)”, “Our Relationship”, Because We Are Two”, and “12 Months”.

[OTHER] 140403 MBLAQ’s Seungho irks after losing in badminton match against Thunder

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MBLAQ have recently released their latest single, “Be A man” on March 24, and started their promotional activities last week. Despite their busy activities, they still enjoy their breaks by performing exercises.

Thunder uploaded a picture on his Twitter account of him and Seungho after playing badminton yesterday, April 1. It appears that Seungho had ended up as the loser.

“MBLAQ’s badminton tournament.. 4 wins 2 losses middle school badminton championship the bronze medal winner was Thunder.. jjak jjak jjak! Seungho who gets mental breakdown only sighed,” the winner tweeted.

In the photo, Thunder was attired in a white sleeveless t-shirt, while squatting down, holding a racquet and his head was ornamented with the crown of victory.

Meanwhile, Seungho was sitting cross legged while playing with his mobile phone. Above him was a picture of a skull that symbolized his disappointment, and another picture to indicate that he was sighing.

[OTHER] 140401 NE1’s Sandara Park and MBLAQ’s Thunder show off their closeness again

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2NE1’s Sandara Park and MBLAQ’s Cheondung, have once again showed off their close relationship, shortly after they formed a heart with their hands at his sister’s encore stage on Mnet’s music show “M! Countdown” that was aired on March 27.

The older sister had uploaded a photo that shows them at the backstage of SBS’s music show, “Inkigayo”, that was broadcast on March 30, on her Instagram.

The two idols’ promotional schedules take place at around the same time. Thunder recently released new single, “Be A Man”, with MBLAQ while Sandara is promoting “If I Were You” with 2NE1.

“#BeAMan #IfIWereYou #thunder #dara ,” wrote the idol, who is normally called Dara.

Meanwhile, MBLAQ are scheduled to appear on Mnet’s “M! Countdown Artist of Spring 2014” in Yokohama, Japan, and 2NE1 are set to hold the “All Or Nothing” world tour in Shanghai on April 11.

[OTHER] 140328 2NE1’s Sandara Park and MBLAQ’s Thunder send ‘heart’ on stage

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The Park siblings, 2NE1’s Sandara Park and MBLAQ’s Thunder, have finally had a chance to be on the same stage and promoting together. They did not waste the opportunity to form a “heart” on the stage.

2NE1 successfully ranked first on the music chart of Mnet’s music show, “Mcountdown”, yesterday. After the announcement was made from the show’s MC and the winning band was ready to do an encore, she pulled her brother to stay still on the stage with her. They then formed a heart with their hands and smiled happily.

Thunder always gave support by standing behind his sister during the announcement. He immediately smiled brightly and raised his hands to applaud when 2NE1 were announced as the winner.

Sandara also did not forget to support her brother who recently made a comeback with the new song, “Be A Man”, by dancing the song’s choreography that move both of their hands to the back, like they are flicking their blazers.

That day was MBLAQ’s comeback stage, where they performed “Be A Man” that was recently released on March 24.

[OTHER] 140324 G.O and Thunder talk about their dating life + their title song




MBLAQ held their showcase for mini-album ‘Broken’ in Seoul on March 24 and answered some questions, as well. They were asked about their dating experience to which G.O said, “I should date, but since I can’t, I am paranoid.”

As he took part in composing and writing the lyrics for “Because There Are Two” and “Still With You,” G.O said, “I wrote those from my imagination.” As Thunder also took part in the making of the album by writing the lyrics for and composing “12 Months,” he said, “I can’t say that I’ve never had any experience at all.”

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In relation to the main song “Be A Man” being the work of talented singer Wheesung, G.O revealed that he ran into Wheesung at an overseas concert and shared a discussion relating to music, which is how the opportunity to work together came. G.O said, “It’s about a shabby man who becomes unable to do anything after he is informed that the woman he loves has left and this reality corrupts his illusions.”

Their agency J.Tune Camp said, “The secret concept of this album is to show a manly, albeit cold, gaze rather than a sad one in the midst of a broken love. We plan on showing a color unique to MBLAQ that is completed to perfection and unrivaled.”