MBLAQ BALL’N CF 30 secs ver. + Thunder BALL’N pic


MBLAQ’s possible photoshoot or?

It looks like a photoshoot or even better, for a cf?^^

Can’t wait to see the official pics of this.

Credit: PTRIST3 @Twitter

|CAPS| 110115 New Cheon[guk]doong from Alba

Credit: ALBA site
Caps and re-up by popcorn07@AbsoluteMBLAQ

More after the cut!

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|PICS| 110108 BTS Alba CF Part 2

How cute can Doongie become?! I want to touch his cheeks xD

Source: JENNY HOUSE BLOG (makeup artist, Akira)

Re-uploaded by JenのYi @OhThunder.wordpress.com