[PHOTO] 140220 Seungho & Cheondung Autograph

Source: Kuang Kuang BiBi @ twitter


Photos: 130824 – Fan requests Thunder to draw Mir + Seungho to draw Thunder during MBLAQ ‘Love Beat’ Yeouido Fan-sign!

Lol!!! Thunder’s drawing to Mir is really funny… Mir is not a monster tho ^^ And seungho’s drawing! kkkkk Thunder’s broad shoulders and his small head!


Mir, drawn by Dung (정말 공들여서 그려주더라구요./He took a very long time, drawing this. kkk)

BScP11gCEAA8-NpDung, drawn by SeungHo

SOURCE: 2w_double_u


[PHOTO] *UPDATED* Sweet Thunder who wrote a personal letter with a polariod picture for a fan

T-T So jealous, according to the owner, this occurred almost 2 years ago in an MBLAQ cafe event and she won T-T Thunder wrote her a personal letter with a polaroid picture ㅠㅠ

“Thank you very much for cheering on MBLAQ in your busy life. I was so impressed!
A child with a nice dream& passion will obtain good results! Let’s

say hello to each other when we run into each other again >.< Fighting!

Source/Translation: @Future_AM
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Happy Christmas with MBLAQ (by.그레이with준/GreywithJoon)

The cutest video to watch for…. lol