HQ Photos: [130622] Playful JoonDoong at ‘Sexy Beat’ Shinchon Fan-sign!


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Photos: [FANTAKEN] 130630 – Cute Thunder + JoonDoong/MBLAQ at YongSan Fan-Sign Event!

HOMGGG, Thunder ♥ Why so cute & handsome! And of course, JoonDoong is as cute and playful as ever! I love Thunder’s hair here, there’s streaks of blonde and just a gorgeous mix of pink and slight blonde tresses!

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HQ Photos: [130621] Thunder + MBLAQ at Jongno ‘Sexy Beat’ Fan-Sign Event!

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Video: [FANCAM] 130615 – Kiddie-like Thunder at MBLAQ ‘Sexy Beat’ Fan-Sign Event!

lol he can’t sit still just like a little kid XD

Source: Kitune1007

Photos: [FANTAKEN] 130622 – Playful JoonDoong + MBLAQ at ‘Sexy Beat’ Shinchon Fan-sign

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