Video: Arirang’s “Star VS. Star” Names Dara and Thunder As “Kpop Siblings With The Best Genes”

Oh Thunder!:

A little bit late but here’s a segment of Star Vs. Star featuring our favorite brother and sister, Cheondung and Dara! They went up against SNSD Jessica and f(x) Krystal for the question “Which K-pop siblings have the best genes?”
Although they equally have the “perfect looks” and “amazing personalities” that make them celebrities that a lot of fans adore, no one can deny the love and support that these two siblings have for each other <3

Thanks to thunder mblaq on YT for re-uploading and Dara's hardworking fans over at OhDara, WeLoveDara and ForeverWithDara for sharing!

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Weee! Dara and Thunder won! Kekeke! ^^  I agree with the hosts of this show. Not only are they the best siblings because of their looks, but also because of their genuine show of support for each other. Park Siblings jjang! <3

Credits: thunder mblaq

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Twitter: 140629 Cheondung’s tweet + conversation with Fiestar’s Hyemi

Doongie tweeted about feeling good enough to write a good song (Yay!) and then Hyemi asked for that song (for her to sing maybe? hehe) but Doongie said it’s not a song for girls? haha Well, I’m looking forward to hearing that song and the song you’ll be writing for Hyemi, Doong-ah xD


@shpthunder Today the feelings are great.. a feeling that i could write good lyrics..

@FIESTAR__Hyemi Please give me that song

@shpthunder I won’t give you a song ㅡㅡ

@FIESTAR__Hyemi You are really stubborn about it keke

@shpthunder It’s a masculine song. I will write feminine song for you later later keke

Source: Thunder’s twitter ; Fiestar’s Hyemi Twitter
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I always like to see Doongie interacting with other idols because on broadcasts he’s usually quiet or forever alone amongst a sea of idols xD It’s like seeing him, the natural Doongie, when with friends or people he’s comfortable with. For a little background on the Doong and Hyemi’s friendship..

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Feature: [130723] 1st Look Celeb Choice – Kpop Airport Fashion (Thunder at #1)

It seems that our chic Doong has caught the eyes of 1st look~ With a model-like body and style~ Of course our Doongie!


*Along with his noona, Thunder is a fashionista with his intense gothic fashion.

1 – MBLAQ’s Thunder

2 – EXO’s Lay

3 – Super Junior’s RyeoWook

4 – EXO’s Kris

5 – 2PM’s Junho

Source: EXO_M_K + 1st look, blackjackbelle @ WeloveDara
*Rough Translation by: kamepi_chan@OhThunder

Feature: Oh Thunder Weekly Recap (10/22-10/28)

Photo source: @umeyon

I’ve been meaning to do this since last week but, as always, laziness struck in xD So I’m getting my lazy butt off to work and giving you a weekly recap of the happenings in our dear Doongie’s world :D

First off, last Monday (Oct 22), Doongie strutted his stuff for the 2013 S/S Seoul Fashion Week. Mir also attended to give his support. The designer that Doongie modeled for, Lee Jaehoexpressed his thanks through Facebook. Check out some clips from the fashion show; also the fantaken photos from That’s Right! StyleShare also shared a backstage photo of Doongie and Mir. Someone from Cyworld pointed out that Doongie was wearing shoes from the Feiyue. brand. I checked out their website and Doongie’s runway photos are featured there :)

In the meantime, voting for the 2012 MNET Asian Music Awards also began, in which MBLAQ is nominated for the Song of the Year (for their song This Is War) and Best Dance Performance for a Male Group awards! It seems MBLAQ is currently on third place behind SuJu and SHINee for Best Dance Performance with the number of flags raised, so A+, keep voting! Remember, One ID One Vote per day. Voting ends until Nov 22. This year’s MAMA will be held in Hong Kong ^^

Doongie went on to attend the ‘LACOSTE L!VE WINTER WONDERLAND‘ party with the rest of MBLAQ last Wednesday (Oct 24). Some fancams from the event: Joon behind the wheel with Doongie beside him, waiting to get out to the red carpet, munching on some sweets, and more posing for the press.

The MBLAQ “managers,” namely Park Kyunglim, Kim Saerom and Stellar’s Jeonyul, and Idol Manager’s PD also got busy on Twitter, sharing some photos from MBLAQ’s photoshoot for the variety show.

Thursday and Friday nights had MBLAQ performing in some universities. Stay tuned for pics and fancams^^ Pictures of MBLAQ having attended a wedding also came out, although the exact date is not sure as I can’t find more information about this.

The latest episode of Idol Manager (episode 11) also aired last Friday (Oct 26) at 6PM KST. News reports came out on Doongie never having a dating experience after their talk segment on the show. Doongie also showed off his latest work, Only One. Park Kyunglim recorded a short song called ‘Curtain‘ featuring Mir and Thunder xD So far, we have episode 10 subbed by SINAQ so stay tuned! The picture above (of Doongie in a veil) is a preview of what may be in store for us in the next episode xD

Lastly, last night (Oct 28), MBLAQ performed on the 2012 KPOP World Festival in Changwon. The Korean Ministry for Culture, Sports and Tourism tweeted this backstage photo of MBLAQ. Look out for them in Chile on Nov 02 as they perform for Music Bank.

So that’s one week in the regular life of Park Sanghyun xD Tell me what you think of this little article. Hopefully I’ll be motivated to keep this going in the future. And any more bits and pieces that I missed, feel free to share on this thread. ^^