150422 Cheondung spotted at Ilsan for lunch

Cheondung was spotted at Ilsan around noon for lunch today.


The person who posted the photo said that Cheondung was there behind him while he was eating. He also said that Cheondung was handsome and had good manners.

Source: jh_x218 on Instagram

Instagram: [150420 shpthunder] “Wkorea photoshoot” + Dara’s post



Wkorea photoshoot 🙂 #@wkorea #Cheondung #ParkSanghyun #:)



Sources: Cheondung and Dara’s official Instagram

Instagram: [150418 shpthunder] “A must watch tonight at 8:45PM on MBC”

11141942_620104104786807_792292259_n 150418shpthunder

Tonight 8:45PM on MBC, the 1st episode of the weekend drama “Make a Woman Cry” must watch the official broadcast go go!! Please give it a lot of views! >o< #MakeaWoman Cry #ParkSanghyun #Thunder #1stepisode #fun #mbc

Source: Cheondung’s official Instagram
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

Instagram: [150417 shpthunder] “A man soaked in rain..”

150417shpthunder 150417shpthunder

A man soaked in rain.. Park Sanghyun.. #ArenaHommeplus#Mayissue#ParkSanghyun#Thunder#mansoakedinrain

Source: Cheondung’s official Instagram
Translation: @aplus0727

Another picture released from the photoshoot:

(Updated!) Photos: 150330 Leon 3rd Anniversary Party

A photo of Cheondung during Leon magazine’s 3rd anniversary party, as shared by Alan Nam (of ALAN’s that Cheondung visited before going to the party) on his Instagram.

150330alannam1 150330alannam1

Leon Japan editor. Leon Korea editor. And Cheondung.

More photos from the event~

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