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Drama “Make a Woman Cry” press conference.. I’m really touched.. Thank you very much! Thank you for your support and love! #ricewreaths#worldwideA+#Cheondung#drama#MakeaWomanCry

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Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

Instagram: [150414 shpthunder] “Insta start” + Alan Nam’s photo update


Insta start, a part of the photoshoot! #Cheondung#ParkSanghyun#photoshoot#Arena#arena

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Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

*Cheondung changed his Twitter profile picture again to his official picture~ his Instagram ID and picture are the same as his Twitter’s.



Cheondung Park Sanghyun. Arena. #arenahommeplus #ALAN

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*Alan Nam owns the dress shop that Cheondung has been visiting, Alan’s

Photos: 150412 Cheondung filming for “Make a Woman Cry”

Today, Cheondung was spotted shooting an outdoors scene for his new drama, “Make a Woman Cry.” He was seen all suited up in front of the Gakwonsa Temple, getting into a car with what looks to be his on-screen mom, actress Ha Heera.




Source: sol___ji on Instagram

Instagram: [150408 youarehandsome] “Who will be Cheondung’s partner?!”

150408youarehandsome 150408youarehandsome

French contemporary brand The Kooples‘ pictorial scene! Who will be Mr. boasting-perfect-proportions Cheondung’s partner?! Look forward to W May issue!

#thekoolpes #frenchbrand #wkorea #kpopstar #frenchstyle #coulpelook

#TheKooples #WKorea #kpopstar #couplelook #Cheondung #idol #kpop

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Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

(Updated!) Instagram: [150327 zrinis] “Everyone is so pretty and handsome~”

150327zrinis 150327zrinis

mbc weekend drama #Makeawoman cry ~~^^ April 18 1st episode~ please look forward to it a lot~
Everyone is so pretty and handsome~ heh

*On the rightmost part, taking the photo is actor Ji Iljoo who will be playing Kyungtae, Hyojung’s boyfriend and main lead Deok-in’s brother-in-law. The girl in front of Cheondung is Lee Dain who will be playing Hyojung, Hyunseo’s nurse. Beside Cheondung, on his right, is rookie actor Shin Jiwoon who will be playing Minseo, Hyunseo’s cousin. I’m not sure, but the other guy beside Cheondung looks like rookie actor Han Jongyoung who will be playing Yoonseo, Hyunseo’s other cousin. The other girls, I don’t know. recognize now as Han Yiseo (on the left) who will be playing Hyunseo’s aunt Jinhee and Han Bobae (on the right) as Kyungtae’s younger sister and Deok-in’s younger sister-in-law Kyungah.

Source: Ji Iljoo’s official Instagram
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

Seems that this day’s schedule was a photoshoot for the drama~ Here’s the official poster:


The poster shows the two families in the drama, the wealthy Kang family headed by Chief Kang and which the main male protaganist Kang Jinwoo is from, and the modest Hwang family headed by Bokrye where main female protagonist Jung Deok-in hails from. The news report said that it the aims to show that the drama will keep it’s atmosphere light in the midst of the heavy themes involved in the storyline.

The official profile photo of “Kang Hyunseo,” Cheondung’s role in the drama: