Instagram: [150331 soffet87] “The reason for the enthusiasm for idols”



Seeing him more often these days..getting more handsome!! Now I see the reason for the idol craze 😻 #Cheondung #ParkSanghyun #MBLAQ #Alan’s #alans #Leonparty #sponsored #sciamat #Sciamat #DenimIndigo #MickeyTee

*Cheondung attended the Leon Korea magazine 3rd-year and Audi magazine 10th-year anniversary joint party called “Be A Cover Man” held at Aston House, Walkerhill yesterday night (March 30, Monday, 7-11PM).

Source: soffet78 on Instagram, Leon Korea magazine official Facebook page
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

Instagram: [150326 soffet78] “Really looks like Sandara Park”

150326soffet78 150326soffet78

Really looks like Sandara Park 👭 #Cheondung #ParkSanghyun #MBLAQ #ALAN’s visit for jacket fitting…!

Source: soffet78 on Instagram
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

Instagram: [150320 yourboyhood] Backstage photo of Cheondung

Fashion journalist Hong Sukwoo (, <spectrum>, shared a backstage photo of Cheondung during the 2015 F/W Seoul Fashion week.



Source: Hong Sukwoo’s official Instagram

Thanks to @kuangkuangbibi for sharing~ ^^

Instagram: [150321 yoonjongshin] “Almost no difference from me..”

Singer, songwriter, producer, TV personality and MYSTIC Entertainment’s CEO Yoon Jongshin commented on Producer Cho Youngchul’s photo of Cheondung on Instagram:


sport072 Cheondung runway walking #Cheondung #2015FWSeoulFashionWeek #HanSanghyukDesigner

yoonjongshin By far the most handsome in Mystic.. Almost no difference from me.. #Cheondung=YoonJongShin

sport072 Hyungnim.. That’s a little..

Songwriter Eana Kim also commented:

eanakim Really Jongshin oppa really

eanakim Your words are right

(A/N: Cute banter from the songwriters/producers at Mystic/Apop haha)

Source: Producer Cho Youngchul’s official Instagram
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

Instagram: [150320 heichesheich+mr.heich] Designer HSH’s thanks

Designer Han Sanghyuk sent his thanks to all the models for his HEICH ES HEICH collection, tagging #Cheondung.


Another thank you post from Designer Han Sanghyuk’s personal Instagram account:


Designer HSH mentioned that HEICH ES HEICH was his first brand collection (he will be launching a designer clothing line under that name) and this runway show during the 2015 F/W Seoul Fashion Week is basically it’s debut into the fashion industry. The collection consists of coats and formal attire for both men and women specifically tailored for the fall and winter seasons.

If you’re curious about the music played during the runway, Han Sanghyuk also thanked singer Ju Yoonha, whose song “당신의 평화는 연약하다” (literal translation “Your Peace is Fragile”) was used, and DJ Eunchurn who made the remix of the song.

Update! A backstage pic posted on heichesheich Instagram:



Source: Designer Han Sanghyuk’s official Instagram accounts