News: ‘Turned Actor’ Cheondung, “The 5 years of MBLAQ activities was precious..A golden age”


This was what Cheondung said about the last 5 years of activity as a singer from the group MBLAQ.

The fashion magazine SURE just released the photos of now-turned actor Cheondung for their April issue.

With his real name Park Sanghyun, he will begin acting in the MBC weekend drama airing this April “Make a Woman Cry” as the male lead Song Chang-eui’s son Hyunseo. (A/N: Previous reports have been nephew.)  To be able to act as a weak/fragile character, he is working hard to adjust his current diet and stand before the camera with a look that has a sense of darkness.

This is not Cheondung’s first time acting. Having just entered into a new agency and with a fresh determination to begin the first step, he worked on the pictorial and interview with the look and intention of seriousness.

There is a part of Hyunseo that is similar to my real personality, the part that is fragile and that feels sadness is similar, but the way of speaking is different and that I am currently studying on. It’s not easy to do.

He told us that he treasures the three characters of the name MBLAQ (엠블랙), thinking of the five years of activity as a “golden age,” while expressing the openness to the idea of change.

Check out Cheondung’s cool interview and photoshoot on the April issue of SURE.

Source: Newsen
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

(Updated!) Cheondung in Nylon Korea April 2015 issue


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Instagram: [150312 suremag] “What should I talk to him about?”


suremag “A photo of talking with #Cheondung. What should I talk to him about? #MoreseriousthanIthought #SanghyunPark is cool #MBLAQ Thunder’s #transformation #cheeringon -HJH”

*HJH must be the person in the photo with Cheondung.

Source: SURE magazine official Instagram
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

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