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[CUT] 140314 MBLAQ’s SEUNGHO & CHEONDUNG Moon Night Interview at ETN

[HD] 140314 연예스테이션 엠블랙 천둥 승호 문나이트 인터뷰 Cut: http://youtu.be/MRS286mpLCM

[ENG SUB] MBLAQ Seungho & Cheondung Chinese Interview For Moon Night Musical

[OTHER] 140218 Ceci Magazine March Issue Interview – Cheondung

Ceci magazine interview – Cheondung’s part –

Q: Last month you released your solo track ‘Gone’, are e there any moments that made you feel proud?

Cheondung: ‘Gone’ is the second song in my life that I have composed and wrote the lyrics for, so I personally really like this song. ‘This street is filled with our memories You’re not beside me anymore, you’re gone’ these sad lyrics and a bit of hip hop groove added becomes a very fascinating song.

Q: Under what circumstances did you decide to release a solo track?

Cheondung: Although in MBLAQ what I should be doing and achieve up to what standard is already determined, but I’m curious to see what it feels like to stand on the stage all alone. Some day in the future I hope to have an activity that has my own characteristic. Because now I still have many areas that I lack, so firstly I need to set my life plan.

Q: Preparing for musical Moon Night and MBLAQ comeback at the same time should be very tiring right?

Cheondung: So busy that I have my four legs facing the sky (idiom for being very busy).

Q: How do you feel towards Seungho being your rival in the musical?

Cheondung: Quite anxious, but the fortunate thing is that although we are performing on the same stage, due to our schedules, our performance times don’t overlap. This is because I think Seungho is the funniest person I have ever met in my life. I requested this to the production team beforehand, because whatever Seungho says I would laugh out loud, so I need to elimiate the danger of NG (redoing) on stage because of laughter.

Q: Minsu (Cheondung’s character in Moon Night musical) travelled from the country all the way to the big city Seoul to become a dancer, this sounds similar to how you came from the Philippines and became an idol.

Cheondung: Especially how both of us didn’t know anything at all, weren’t familiar with places, and very old-fashioned, these things are really similar. But now I’m not like that anymore, I was worried for no reason back then.

Q: Living your life as a Korean idol, is there anything that you feel regretful?

Cheondung: There is only one thing that I must give up in order to do what I want to do, and that is freedom. The loss of freedom saddens me slightly, but the substitute is being able to gain fan cheers on stage. This is already something I can’t change.

Q: What do you want to do freely?

Cheondung: I want to go to the zoo. Before I’ve tried going to the zoo together with Seungho while wearing masks, but everyone crowded around us, didn’t even get the chance walk further in and we already had to walk back out, it was really a pity.

Q: Is living life as an idol happy?

Cheondung: No matter where we go we are welcomed as idols, and the love that fans give is very heart-warming to me. Honestly, compared to other people, more opportunities are opened up to me is because I’m an idol.

Q: What is your dream for 2014?

Cheondung: Eat what I want to eat, sit in the vehicle I want to sit, walk the path I want to walk. I sometimes have that impulse to travel overseas alone too. And after performing on stage, I’m curious what it feels like to cry all alone apart from crying because I feel touched.

Trans by @Mr__KL
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[CLIP] 140208 MBLAQ Cheondung Interview at ISAC 2014