|TWITTER + KTEXT| 1012011 Thunder’s Tweet, Plus Sandara’s KText About Harry Potter

Source: Thunder’s Twitter

I wonder what he means by that. Does he want fans to tweet him? If he does, then why not ask him about Harry Potter.. hehe.. Here’s a KText from Dara dated July 14, 2007.

Translation: Hay, my back is aching. I want someone to massage it. Umma, Durami and Sanghyun went to the mall. They went to watch Harry Potter in MOA. I did not join them because I’m a little bit weird, I am not interested in something like that.

Credit/Source: KText Entry of Sandara posted by candies in PEX
Translated by : jjami at OhThunder
T/N: I struck out those that are not directly related to Sanghyun

Hmm, I wonder if they still like Harry Potter and if Dara still isn’t interested in those kinds of things.

|KTEXT| Park Family’s 2007 Road Trip to Tagaytay


This was Sandara’s KText in April 6, 2007.

Hi! *** *** plano. Kahapon mga 3pm, biglaan *** *** umalis! Tagaytay *** punta. 1st tym to! *** lahat *** excited! And 1st tym ko rin magtry punta ng tagaytay na ako magdrive, buti naalala ko pa ang way. Punta *** sa taal dun sa may view view.. Pic taking! Ang lamig haha! And kumain *** ng diner sa restaurant. Gusto sana sumakay sa horse c sanghyun pero dami tao *** d na. We enjoyed! And parang.. Masaya na hmm magiging memorable talaga.. para samin apat! Gudmorning!

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