131225 Cheondung’s Christmas Message



Rough Trans – Cheondung’s X-mas message
To my dear A+, I am Cheondung, it’s Christmas time! Because I haven’t completed the things I have planned to do, so this year is a regretful/pitiful year for me, but at least we have still have next year! Hope you spend Christmas happily, for next year you must fulfil and complete everything within the year! MBLAQ A+ fighting!

cr. MBLAQ天动_朴尚玄吧

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[INFO] 131224 JTC Confirmed COMEBLAQ


Meanwhile, MBLAQ comeback is aimed at first half of 2014

Me2day: [DARA] 120909 Multiple updates from cute Dara noona who attended MBLAQ’s concert in Yokohama!

Thoughtful, dedicated and cute noona is thoughtful, dedicated and cute noona ♥ Seriously, love how Dara tries to attend every MBLAQ concert whenever she can despite her busy schedule~

요코하마 도착!!!엠블랙 콘서트 보러왔어요!^_____^ㅋㅋㅋ이렇게 해외 나와서 보니까 더 반갑네ㅠ.ㅠ흑흑 천둥아~~~!!!ㅋ스탭목걸이 받아서 목에 걸고~공연시작 기다리고있어요! ^.^우리 둥이 지금 밥먹고 있으니까~ 난 요기서 이렇게 기다리다가 좀이따 입장해야지+.+
Tag: 이모자는 내가 뉴욕에서 시차적응 실패로 하루종일 잠만잤던 그날 뉴요커로 변신했던 리다가 선물해준 모자입니다 ㅋ 짱귀!

I just arrived in Yokohama ! I’m here to attend MBLAQ’s concert ! ^_____^ kekeke since we’re overseas I’m even happier ㅠ.ㅠ sobs sobs Chundoong-ah~~~!!! Ke I put the staff necklace I received around my neck~ and now I’m waiting for the concert to start! ^.^ Since our Doongie is now eating~ I am waiting here and should get in the venue a bit later +.+

Tag: This beanie is the one leader who turned into a New Yorker bought me when I couldn’t adapt to the time difference and slept all day long ke It’s the cutest!

엠블랙 콘서트끝!!!>.<전석 좌석이엇는데 모든분들이 일어나계셔서 저도 스탠딩 뛰구왔어요!캬~! 정말 관객분들이 그렇게 열정적이게 일어나서 즐겨주시는건 가수에게 정말 큰~ 에너지를 주는거같아요!!!^.^최고!엠블랙 공연도 완전 멋있고!멤버들 일본어하는거 짱귀ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

MBLAQ’s concert is over!!! >.< I was in the seated section but everyone stood up so I went to the pits too ! Kyah~ When the audience stands up and enjoys the concert so passionately, it really gives a lot ~ of energy to the singers !!! ^.^ It was the best ! And MBLAQ’s concert was amazing as well ! Seeing the members speak Japanese was the cutest kekekekeke

너무 감사하게도 엠블랙측에서 마련해주신 다라대기실에서ㅋㅋ편하게 대기하다 공연봤는데..오늘 정말ㅠ 너무 감동적인일이 있었어요ㅠㅠ뒷자리에서 보느라 아이컨택은 못하고 공연이 끝나가던 그순간… 마지막곡을 앞둔 엔딩멘트때 천둥이가 말했습니다..“지금 여기 누나가와있어요”

I am in the Dara waiting room that had been prepared for me next to MBLAQ’s kekeke. I was able to rest well and then watch the concert… Today there was really ㅠ a really touching event that happenedㅠㅠ Since I was at the back of the stage I couldn’t make eye contacts [With Chundoong] but when the concert ended… When the members talked just before the last song, Chungdoong said… “My sister is here tonight”

순간 엠블랙 멤버들이 누나 어디 계시냐며 찾기시작하고..난 쑥스러워서 쭈삣거리다가..용기를내서 손을 번쩍!들었다!+.+ 난 머리위로 하트를 만들어 인사를햇다! 근데 카메라가 뒤에서 잡아서 내 뒷통수…이 컵케익모자가 화면가득 잡혀 이런장면이.._-_;; 아놔ㅋㅋ

The MBLAQ members asked Chundoong where I was and started looking for me.. I was embarrasssed so I kept hesitating.. but at one moment I garnered courage and put my hands! up! +.+. I greeted them by making a heart above my head! But the camera filmed me from behind so they only saw my back… My cupcake beanie was all over the big screen.. _-_;; Ah keke

둥이도 손으로 하트를 만들어주엇고 관객분들이 크게 환호해주엇다! 원래 오글거리는거 잘못하는 무뚝뚝이 동생인데..오늘은 나에게 정말 특별한날로 기억될거같다!마치 영화속에 한장면처럼 캬~! 감동..눈물이 막 낫지만 주책일까봐 참앗다!^_^v 나..오늘만..행복할게요!>.<

Doongie also made a heart with his hands and the audience cheered loudly! My blunt brother is someone who normally doesn’t do cringe-worthy things… I will remember today as a really special day! It felt like a scene from a movie kyah~! I was moved.. I could feel tears in my eyes but since I didn’t want to make a fool of myself I held them back!^_^v Just today… I… will be very happy!>.<

Source: Dara’s me2day
Translated by: Kaeryn @YGL
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ME2DAY: [DARA] *UPDATED* 120905 “Pre…present?!? >.< Dogpoop got me a present?!"

Thunder is such a thoughtful younger brother but… he’s not very skilled in wrapping, is he? So cute ♥

일본투어 떠나기전… 집에서 극적으로 만난 천둥!!! +.+ 누나 선물이라며~ 까만봉다리를 휙~ 건냈다!!! 서…선물?!? >.< 개똥이가 나한테 선물을?!? 후덜덜.. 흔치않은일인데ㅋㅋ 뭘까뭘까!!! 궁금해궁금해~~~~~!!! 12분전

He said its a present for noona~ and he took out~ this black bag!!! Pre…present?!? >.< Dogpoop got me a present?!? DARA: Before leaving for the Japanese tour… I happened to meet Cheondoong at home!!! +.+ Wow..This doesn’t happen oftenㅋㅋ What is it what is it!!! I’m curious I’m curious~~~~~!!!


선물 오픈!!! 꺄악~~~~!!! 양말!!! 양말이다 양말!!! 나 양말 엄청 좋아하는데!!!ㅠ.ㅠ 특히 싼다라박 양말 완전 좋아하는데!! 흑…. 감동이야ㅠㅠ 둥아~!!! 세상에!!! 이거 아까워서 어떡게 신어..ㅠ.ㅠ누나가 잘 보관할게! 고마워!!!^.^하트뿅뿅! 

Tags: 봄양말 민지양말 씨엘양말 멤버들에게 전달해야지 ^_^v 뿌듯한누나! ㅋㅋㅋ


Open the gifts!!Kya~~!! Socks!! They’re socks, socks!! I love socks so much!!!ㅠ.ㅠ Especially Sandara Park socks!! Heuk…. I’m touchedㅠㅠDoongah~!!! What in the world!!! How can I wear these I love them so much..ㅠ.ㅠI’ll keep them safe! Thanks!!!^.^Shooting out hearts!

Tags: I’m gonna give the members the Bom socks CL socks Minji socks ^_^v I’m a satisfied noona! ㅋㅋㅋ

Source: Dara’s me2day
Translated by: @kristinekwak,
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Photo: [DARA ME2DAY] 120728 “Chundoong’s wreath is the best!!!”

I love Park Siblings love ♥ And I would love to see Thunder in Dara’s ‘Bansak hair’ too! Also, there was a typo sent in Thunder’s flower wreath. Instead of ‘noona’, it said ‘nooja’ so cute~~

[뉴에콘 화환] 리허설하구 돌아오니 이화환이 와잇어요!!!ㅠㅠ 흑흑 내동생… 지금 일본공연 갔는데 이렇게 누나를 잊지않고 챙기다니…ㅠㅠ 나 눈물나서 어떡하나 흑 아가~ 누나 오늘 열심히 할게!!! 흑…… 센치해짐! 하지만 힘내서 할것임!^.^홧팅!!! 1 hour ago

[NEWECON Congratulatory Wreaths] This wreath was there when we got back from rehearsal!!!ㅠㅠ (sobs) My dongsaeng… he didn’t forget about this noona’s concert even when he’s in Japan right now…ㅠㅠ What am I going to do with these tears (sob) Baby~ Noona will work hard today!!! (sobs)…… Even though I’m feeling sentimental! I’m going to put my heart into this and do well!^.^ Fighting!!!

Tags: Chundoong’s wreath is the best!!!

Message on wreath:

My older sister who looks good even with a half-shaved head, 2NE1 concert fighting! Should I shave half my head, too?”

Source: Dara’s me2day
Translated by: nyldeabcd @YGLadies, @bigseunghyun
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