[PREVIEW] 140322 Cheondung on his way to Moon Night musical

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[FANCAM] 140303 Cheondung at Moon Night Musical

140315 Moon Night Facebook Update

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Rough Trans:

Moon Night Seungho at the stage door, want to see Thunder from the early performances, contacting manufacturer for a phone in a rush!

Yeah… I know… that I like!

That.Below Document. Finally ready.

 Thunder and Seungho standing right at the stage.

Dudung! Saturday, March 22 7:00!

(Unfortunately… just once… So better not miss it^^)

Ticket Sales will start in the afternoon!

[VIDEO] 140312 Moon Night Musical broadcast on SBS -Cheondung-

[PHOTO][HQ] 140303 Cheondung on his way to Moon Night Musical

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