News: Cheondung’s and fresh new face Shin Jiwoon’s characters expected to add drama


Competing against 500 who auditioned, budding actor Shin Jiwoon joins the cast of “Make a Woman Cry.”

Through an audition conducted by MBC for the new weekend drama, Shin Jiwoon was chosen among fierce competition to play the role of Minseo. Minseo is the son of the second son of a wealthy family, Jinmyung (to be played by Oh Daegyu), and Hongran (Lee Taeran). Eunsoo and her son, Hyunseo, is expected to cause conflict to the family. Although he seems lively and displays the qualities of a proper upbringing, Minseo takes pain from the fact that his father seems to care more for his cousin Hyunseo than him.

The conflict between MBLAQ Cheondung/Park Sanghyun who will be playing Hyunseo and fresh new face Shin Jiwoon is expected to bring more interest from TV viewers. The drama’s first broadcast will be on April 18.

Source: Sports Today

(Updated!) Videos: 150320 Designer Han Sanghyuk “HEICH ES HEICH” fashion show


*Cheondung appears around 4:10 and 10:58

Backstage Interview:

Cheondung, “Walking was really fun”

SInger Cheondung said that walking on the runway is fun.

Cheondung told OBS News:

I was really nervous but also really happy, walking was really fun. I think I need to see the video to know. I was so nervous that actually I don’t know if I did well.

His comment on walking the runway:

I was thinking that walking on the runway is really fun. Actually, it was just a short walk, but it didn’t feel like it.

Source: TRENDY official YouTube channel, OBSPlus 독특한 Entertainment News 1 2
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Thanks to BLAQ O for re-uploading the videos~

News: ‘Turned Actor’ Cheondung, “The 5 years of MBLAQ activities was precious..A golden age”


This was what Cheondung said about the last 5 years of activity as a singer from the group MBLAQ.

The fashion magazine SURE just released the photos of now-turned actor Cheondung for their April issue.

With his real name Park Sanghyun, he will begin acting in the MBC weekend drama airing this April “Make a Woman Cry” as the male lead Song Chang-eui’s son Hyunseo. (A/N: Previous reports have been nephew.)  To be able to act as a weak/fragile character, he is working hard to adjust his current diet and stand before the camera with a look that has a sense of darkness.

This is not Cheondung’s first time acting. Having just entered into a new agency and with a fresh determination to begin the first step, he worked on the pictorial and interview with the look and intention of seriousness.

There is a part of Hyunseo that is similar to my real personality, the part that is fragile and that feels sadness is similar, but the way of speaking is different and that I am currently studying on. It’s not easy to do.

He told us that he treasures the three characters of the name MBLAQ (엠블랙), thinking of the five years of activity as a “golden age,” while expressing the openness to the idea of change.

Check out Cheondung’s cool interview and photoshoot on the April issue of SURE.

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News: FIESTAR Hyemi about her friendship with Cheondung, IU and HIGH4 Sunggu


In a radio broadcast today, the radio host asked Hyemi what “Jjuguri” meant to her, to which she replied, “it’s like pasta.”

“Jjuguri” is the name Hyemi, Cheondung, IU and Sunggu referred to themselves when they were still trainees at LOEN around 7 years ago. Jjuguri is a Korean slang for “a worthless person.” They believed that, since they were the youngest among other trainees and their seniors back then, they should just stay quiet and obediently respect their elders, doing nothing like a worthless person.

Hyemi likened her friendship to them like “pasta,” comparing the way one starts craving Western-type food when one always eats their meals with rice to how she sometimes think of her trainee friends when she experiences difficult times (in her career.)


Recently, Hyemi also mentioned missing Cheondung and Sunggu in her Thanks To in FIESTAR’s latest album.

Source: enewsworld

News: Update on actor Park Sanghyun


Cheondung will be going by his real name Park Sanghyun for his acting credits.

His latest role in the weekend drama Make a Woman Cry, Hyunseo, is the nephew of the male lead Jinwoo (to be played by actor Song Chang-eui). Hyunseo lost his father when he was a child and is living with a broken heart because of it. His weak body is his complex (insecurity), because of the strong, masculine image for men.

Cheondung’s unique and clean image, together with his delicate sensibility, is expected to evoke motherly affection and shake up women’s hearts with his acting.

Cheondung on his determination for the role:

“Make a Woman Cry” is the first step (among many other activities) as actor Park Sanghyun under the new agency. I think this is a great opportunity to make a good impression on the public. With a fresh outlook, I will put forth a lot of effort (into acting).

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