More info on Cheondung’s new role

Cheondung’s character in Make A Woman Cry, Hyunseo, had to take a leave of absence from Graduate School due to a health problem. He is said to have a heart as fragile as glass. Born without a father, he received much love from his grandparents and mother. But still, somewhere in his weak heart darkened.

Cheondung says about his casting into the role,

To be part of a good work such as “Make A Woman Cry” truly makes me happy. As well as Director Kim Geunhong and writer Ha Chungok, I came to admire many actors and to stand among seniors and teachers is really an honor for me. For the many fans and viewers to be completely immersed into the drama, I will try to show solid acting by learning from the most basic foundations.

Caring for Hyunseo is a nurse named Hyojung, who will be played by Lee Da-in, the daughter and sister of actresses Kyeon Miri and Lee Yubi, and previously acted as Hyun Bin’s first love in the movie Fatal Encounter. A pure character with a kind-hearted and innocent personality dating a bad guy whom she loves like no other, Hyunseo falls in a one-sided love with her and thus establishes the conflict in their story.

Source: Star Daily News

Cheondung to act in upcoming MBC drama airing this April

This will be Cheondung’s first official activity under APOP/Mystic Ent. and his second major role in a drama. He is set to play the handsome son, Hyunseo, of a wealthy family (whose mother, Eunsoo, will be played by actress Ha Heera) in the upcoming drama entitled “Make A Woman Cry.” A young man in his 20s, the character is described to have a “gentle personality” but also with a “dark side,” a slight departure from the friendly, cheerful and cute image he portrayed in Nail Shop Paris. Although his character Jin then also had a difficult past, it helped him become the good person he was, so it’s interesting to see how Hyunseo will be like this time.

The new MBC Drama will be replacing Rosy Lovers in its primetime slot every weekend (Saturdays and Sundays) at 8:40PM KST after it ends in April. Written by Ha Chung-ok (whose works also include Pots of Gold) and to be directed by Kim Geunhong (who also directed Gyebaek and Heojoon, The Original Story), it was also previously announced that actress Kim Jung-eun (Lovers in Paris) will be starring as the main character Deok-in, a pivotal figure in the lives of students as she herself tries to recover from the loss of her son.

Sources: MyDaily, enewsworld, Y Star

Cheondung officially signs with music label Apop under producer Jo Young Chul


It has been announced that Cheondung will be continuing his activities under one of Mystic Entertainment’s labels, Apop headed by producer Jo Young Chul. According to the label:

“We’ve signed an exclusive contract with Cheon Dung. He is an artist with infinite potential in many different fields. We will be supporting not only his music activities but his growth in various fields, such as acting and variety shows. His acting will especially be supported by Mystic Entertainment’s acting label, Family Actors.”

“Cheon Dung has been acquainted with producer Jo Young Chul since before he debuted. As much as Cheon Dung has a lot of passion and desire to promote in the entertainment industry, we will actively help him out so his talents can shine. We ask for your support, encouragement and interest.”

Doongie also broke the news through his official twitter @shpthunder. You can also follow his activities through his official fancafe sanghyunpark and official facebook page officialCheondungIt seems that he will continue to promote with his stage name, Cheondung, and probably use his real name for acting ventures.

We look forward to your further growth as an individual artist, Cheondung!

Sources: enewsworld, Mystic Entertainment official twitter, Cheondung official twitter

[NEWS] 140415 MBLAQ’s Cheon Dung Has Never Had a Girlfriend



MBLAQ’s Cheon Dung revealed that he has never had a girlfriend.

During the April 15 broadcast of Mnet’s The Beatles Code, Cheon Dung revealed that he has never been in a relationship.

He said, “Of course I like girls too and when I see other people date, I want to date too. I’ve had a crush before.”


Cheon Dung added, “I could’ve expressed my feelings through a friend but I didn’t. It was embarrassing to let her know that I like her. I couldn’t confess to the one I liked when I was living overseas because of my language limits and that traumatized me.”

[NEWS] 140415 Thunder expresses his desire to start dating



MBLAQ‘s Thunder confessed that he was still a ‘motae solo (someone who never dated)’ on the April 15 episode of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 3D‘.

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He said, “I’ve never dated.  Of course, I like women and when I see others dating, I think I’d like to try it, too.  I even liked somebody one-sidedly before.”


He continued, “I could express my feelings through a friend, but I did not do that, either.  I was embarrassed about the person finding out that I liked her.  Even when I liked somebody unrequitedly while living abroad, I could not confess because I spoke clumsily, which left me with a trauma.