Pre-debut pics with Dara and Doorami

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Credit: @arlene_suzon

110900 COOL轻音乐 -426 Issue (Chinese mag)

So we have an article about Wei Chen’s first onstage performance of Run Away in M! Countdown featuring Joon and Cheondung.

Scanned by 幻紫流云

Uploaded by JenのYi @ Oh Thunder

I also did a rough translation of the article which can be found under the cut!

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111007 Thunder’s birthday tweet

@MBLAQCD: When I went to Philippines for the first time, I didn’t know the language and felt lonely. Now I become a man who received so much congratulations on his birthday! It was all possible.. beacause of everybody’s love..I thank you and love you sincerely.

Translation by chy328SH

110724 [TWITTER] Cheondung’s Tweets

MBLAQCD 아이유와 천둥 과거사진투척! 크크
우리는 진정한 무공해! 자연산아이돌!
^^ 꿈많던 지은이와 상현이가 이제는 가수가되어 연습실이아닌 음악방송에서 본다는게 마냥신기하네요..ㅎㅎ아이유 엠블랙 천둥 화이팅!

MBLAQCD 오랜만에 만난 지은이와 함께~
about 7 hours ago ·
source; Cheondung’s twitter

|SCANS| Thunder on ABS-CBN workshop photobook

More pre-debut pics and wuli Thunder aka Sanghyun looked very young and cute 😀  (14 year old Thunder in 2005)

Source: kami_no_kami, post
Re-uploaded by AbsoluteMBLAQ

2 more under the cut!

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