(Updated!) Photos+Videos: 150414 MBC “Make a Woman Cry” press conference

Today at 2PM KST, MBC held a press conference for its new weekend drama “Make a Woman Cry” at their new building in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.

It began with a photo segment, introducing some of the actors in attendance who will be playing main characters in the drama.

This was followed by a preview of the drama. Then lastly was the interview segment which included Cheondung sitting for the panel.

Thanks to thunder mblaq on YouTube for the video upload
*There were audio problems during the live streaming

Interview translations (from news reports):

Cheondung when asked on his thoughts about becoming an actor:

I’ve had experience on a cable drama before, but I’ve never been on one that was aired on national television (for all the public to see), so I’m very nervous. I’m trying to study a lot. Although I lack a lot, I will work hard in order to come out well (on TV).”

When he was asked how he will hold up the image of a singer and a character in drama:

The concept we had when I was a singer in MBLAQ was sexy. In contrast, I will be taking on a pure and sickly role in the drama which is difficult. As of now, I don’t know if I will look healthy. In fact, because I have asthma, I think I’ll be able to do well. (drawing laughter from everyone)

He said:

It’s been a few months since I started to stand alone from MBLAQ, with a good director and good seniors, this new challenge becomes more of an excitement rather than a burden. And so I am spending everyday happily also preparing for a solo album. (adding good news for the fans who have been waiting)

What Director Kim Geunhong had to say about Cheondung being cast into the drama:

I didn’t know Park Sanghyun was MBLAQ Cheondung. When we first met at the first audition, there were 6 people who came and we gave them 5 minutes each. I even asked “Are you famous?” I was that ignorant. After a month, he was cast. He really suits the role of Kang Hyunseo. On set, the name ‘Cheondung’ doesn’t exist anymore. He memorizes a lot of dialogue at once and expresses it well.

Sources: Star News Daily, My Daily
Translations: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder, @aplus0727

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Drama “Make a Woman Cry” press conference.. I’m really touched.. Thank you very much! Thank you for your support and love! #ricewreaths#worldwideA+#Cheondung#drama#MakeaWomanCry

Source: Cheondung’s official Instagram
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

140217 Good morning entertainment news _ Moon night (SH &CD) – 동영상 Dailymotion

140217 Good morning entertainment news _ Moon night (SH &CD) – 동영상 Dailymotion.

140213 MBLAQ Seungho and Cheondung at Moon Night Press Conference



[NEWS] 140213 MBLAQ’s Cheondung “stop laughing at the shot setting”


티브이데일리 송선미 기자] 엠블랙 승호, 천둥, 박재민, 심현섭, 임기홍이 출연하는 K-POP 뮤지컬 ‘문나이트’ 제작발표회가 13일 오전 서울 세종문화회관에서 열렸다.

이날 제작발표회에 참석한 엠블랙 천둥 승호가 포즈를 취하고 있다.

‘문나이트’는 1990년대 ‘춤꾼들의 성지’로 불렸던 서울 이태원의 유명 나이트클럽 ‘문라이트’를 소재로 한 댄스뮤지컬로 오는 21일부터 다음달 23일까지 세종문회화관에서 공연된다.

MBLAQ Seungho, Thunder, Park Jaemin, Shim Hyeonseop, Im Kihong cast of Kpop Dance Musical ‘Moon Night’ Press Conference held at Seoul Sejong Cultural Center 13:00.

MBLAQ Thunder who attended the press conference with a pose with Seungho.

‘Moon Night’ in the 1990s are ‘the sacred dancers’, Itaewon and the famous Seoul’s Night Club ‘Moonlight’.
The performance will start on 21st until 23rd of the next month at Sejong Cultural Center.