[150212 @shpthunder TWEET] “I have to update more often in the future~!”


(The following is a rough translation of Cheondung’s tweet. Please do not take out.)

@shpthunder: I had a little hard time signing up.. But finally leveled up.. ㅋㅋㅋ Now I can communicate freely with fans, I have to update more often in the future~!”

Doongie shared a screencap of him signing up for his fancafe with the username “Cheondung” (in Hangul characters). On the field below the statement that says not to use “Cheondung” as a nickname/username for signing up on the fancafe so that there will be no confusion, he wrote, “I am Cheondung..” haha

And yes please, do update more often! <3

Source: Cheondung’s official Twitter

[150211 @shpthunder TWEET] “Everyone, it’s been a while.”


(The following is a rough translation of Cheondung’s tweet. Please do not take out.)

@shpthunder: Everyone, it’s been a while. Although it’s hard to just wait without any news, I thought it would be better to show you a different, more improved appearance. I just became part of MYSTIC Entertainment’s music label, APOP. I hope to show you a lot more great sides of me in the future!!”

Cho Youngchul, main producer at Apop and has worked with Brown Eyed Girls, IU, Gain, Sunny Hill and Cho Hyungwoo, replied to him.

@cho072: Welcome (to APOP)~”

@shpthunder: Thank you very much!! >ㅇ<“

Sources: Cheondung’s official Twitter, Cho Youngchul’s official Twitter

Twitter: 140629 Cheondung’s tweet + conversation with Fiestar’s Hyemi

Doongie tweeted about feeling good enough to write a good song (Yay!) and then Hyemi asked for that song (for her to sing maybe? hehe) but Doongie said it’s not a song for girls? haha Well, I’m looking forward to hearing that song and the song you’ll be writing for Hyemi, Doong-ah xD


@shpthunder Today the feelings are great.. a feeling that i could write good lyrics..

@FIESTAR__Hyemi Please give me that song

@shpthunder I won’t give you a song ㅡㅡ

@FIESTAR__Hyemi You are really stubborn about it keke

@shpthunder It’s a masculine song. I will write feminine song for you later later keke

Source: Thunder’s twitter ; Fiestar’s Hyemi Twitter
Translated: ashajyothi@mblaqattak.net ; seunghoeyecandy@mblaqattack.net
Reuploaded: ashajyothi@mblaqattak.net ; merlinka@mblaqattack.net

I always like to see Doongie interacting with other idols because on broadcasts he’s usually quiet or forever alone amongst a sea of idols xD It’s like seeing him, the natural Doongie, when with friends or people he’s comfortable with. For a little background on the Doong and Hyemi’s friendship..

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