{UPDATED!!!} Video: 130511 [FANCAM] MBLAQ performances + talk at Ulsan Upsquare Event

LMFAO Joon and Thunder teasing Seungho to do aegyo~~~ And of course, our Yang Aegyo!

Seungho Aegyo Challenge + OH YEAH

Mona Lisa


Talk + Seungho Aegyo Challenge

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Screencaps: 130501 Thunder is shocked and cute at ‘Nail Shop Paris’ drama trailer

So many caps +___+ so many aegyo Doong! kkk Seriously, I’m just going to have a grand time capping each episode and every reaction of Doong!

gyuldoong doongah reindeer MBC플러스미디어 국내 최초 네일아트드라마 네일샵파리스 SPOT 모음.mp4_000086878 MBC플러스미디어 국내 최초 네일아트드라마 네일샵파리스 SPOT 모음.mp4_000089214

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Screencapped by: kamepichan@OhThunder

[UPDATED] Video: 130426 Intro of Thunder(JIN) for ‘Nail Shop Paris’ AEGYO version!

HOLY… FISHPASTE. I…have never seen Thunder intentionally do all things aegyo in my life…. HAHAHAHAHA, I can’t help but laugh but HOMG so much aegyo XD


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