Magazine Scans: [130719] Thunder/MBLAQ on ‘Contents of Korea’ Magazine!

Aww, remember their guesting in Arirang’s ‘After School’ webisode? awww, our MBLAQ~~ ♥

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Photos: [OFFICIAL] 130620 Thunder + MBLAQ at Arirang’s After School Club!

Source: Dside

Video: [FULL] 130619 – MBLAQ on After School Club Episode 10

Source: arirangworld

Screencaps+Live Notes: [130619] Goofy MBLAQ at After School! #스모키걸

Notes (most are correct but minor misinterpretations may occur since this was written LIVE)

– MBLAQ greeted themselves in ENGRISH except for Mir XD

– The MCs asked about ‘#스모키걸‘s ‘Hip Dancing’ so Seungho showed them

– The MC’s asked about the sexy concept of ‘Smoky Girl’ and Joon said: “I’m sexy but he (GO) is better than me”

– There’s a live hangout where the fans could talk to MBLAQ live for a fixed amount of time as well as tweet them live

– One of the live fans that were picked were 31 Peru fans doing the video!

– There were slightly connection problems during the Peru fans talk so they couldn’t talk properly. And when they were talking, they came out as garbled noises so at the end they had to let them go but Seungho said they sounded like aliens (cos of the garbled noises)

– 2 Arabics fans asked if MBLAQ had tasted Arabic sweets and Thunder said they haven’t and they should sent it to Jtunecamp

– The 2 Arabic fans asked Mir to do a charismatic pose

– By the way since this show is partially (mostly) English, MBLAQ members are speaking or rather attempting to speak in English

– Mir just imitated a phrase from Lee Byung Hun(?)

– They showed a small excerpt from a massive amount of fanvideos and fanart that A+s sent! Peru, Mexico, Philipphines! And FLASH MOBS! HOMGG! SO MUCH PEOPLE! There were a lot of fans in those video! Like 30+!

– They asked what was one thing MBLAQ members had in common and someone on Twitter answered correctly: BLOOD TYPE A

– Question was if Mir wasn’t an idol, what he would be? Correct answer: FARMER

– The Mexican fan requested for Seungho to do beatboxing so Seungho is beatboxing while Mir was making a scary face

– Singapore fans requested for MBLAQ to come to Singapore

– Solo fan who just said she especially liked Thunder! And Thunder gave her a wink!

– Seungho just read a tweet from Filipino A+s!

– For some reason (cos my stream lagged), MBLAQ bombarded Thunder with their mics XD

Source: OrnNyYsTMRightNowCDthunder4452, ohthunder, @MK_BLAQ
Notes by: kamepichan@OhThunder

|PICS| MBLAQ recording in Myungdong for a Pray for Japan event

Not sure of this event, but I saw the chinese characters for Japan at the back, so I’m assuming it’s a event for this incident with Japan. It’s an event arranged by MBC and there are other idols there since I saw Kahi from after School in of the pics. Everyone’s mood are quite down that day.

Credit: as  tagged

Re-uploaded by 百度MBLAQ吧

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